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Rapidlash is another unique lash serum that is formulated with polypeptides, biotin, panthenol, amino acids, soybean oil, and pumpkin seed extracts. Manufacturers claimed that RapidLash Serum moisturizes, strengthens, thickens, and enhances the overall lashes within 4 to 6 weeks.

We appreciate that RapidLash is reasonably priced. It is easy to apply and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

However, RapidLash contains chlorphenesin, Alcohol Denat that may cause some side effects. Also, it has a prostaglandin analog, an ingredient used in the treatment of glaucoma, which may cause watery eyes, blurriness, irritation, stinginess, itching eyes, changes in iris color. Some customer reviews we analyzed that results may take up to 12 weeks or more and not 4 to 6 weeks.

RapidLash Pros

Conditions and moisturizes lashes
Doesn't contain paraben
Comes with a 60-day guarantee
Reasonably priced

RapidLash Cons

Contains a hormone-based ingredient

May take up to 12 weeks or more to see results

May cause eye irritation and discoloration and changes in iris color

Based on customer reviews, prolonged usage may dry out the lashes

RapidLash Customer Reviews

Ricia W

I tried RapidLash after false lashes tore out some of my actual eyelashes. I had patches where the lashes were missing but didn't want to get eyelash extensions or individual falsies so have this a try. I applied it every evening before bed and had amazing results! Not only did my eyelashes grow back in a couple of weeks, my existing lashing looks amazing too! I have sensitive eyes and this didn't irritate them at all. Highly recommend!

Marissa R

I used to LOVE this product and used it religiously starting nearly a year ago. I normally have thin, short lashes but this helped them grow significantly, I used to get asked if they were fake even! Then they changed the formula the last 2 tubes I've had (starting in October 2017), and as seen here, you can see the progression to thinner and shorter lashes. They are still better than they were to begin with, but I'm not impressed anymore. Switching to another brand to see if I get better results.

Valeria L

I used to LOVE this product and used it religiously starting nearly a year ago. I normally have thin, short lashes but this helped them grow significantly, I used to get asked if they were fake even! Then they changed the formula the last 2 tubes I've had (starting in October 2017), and as seen here, you can see the progression to thinner and shorter lashes. They are still better than they were to begin with, but I'm not impressed anymore. Switching to another brand to see if I get better results.


I had purchased this serum last month and have been religiously using it everyday after shower. I haven't noticed any difference whatsoever with my eyelashes and feel that I have wasted my money buying this product. I am gonna keep using it until its empty but I don't expect anything to change.

Shannon C

I love this stuff! I apply it along my lash line at night (top and bottom) over any eye creams I used it has a small brush applicator and lasts forever. You see results after about one week of continuous use.

Kylie M

This serum is so good!! I have long but thin lashes . And it made my lashes longer but also so much thicker. I have been using this product for about a year and have never looked back

Abbey P

I've only been using this for under a week and I've already noticed 4 eyelashes falling out without me even touching my eyes. I'm afraid this will continue if I keep using it. I'm following the directions and I'm not harsh on my eyes so I don't know why this is happening. It also makes my eyes red and irritated. Try not to get it in your eyes or else they'll sting really bad. I did some research and in 2011 the FDA wrote a letter stating that Rapidlash was not being honest with their ingredients and did not mention that they have eye irritants as one of their ingredients. Also, don't buy it at Ulta because it is $50.. go on Amazon and buy it for $30. I might give it a second chance but if I see one more damn eyelash I swear!

Angela Z

eees, this stuff actually works. I was not blessed with naturally long eyelashes. I have what I like to call, Venus Flytrap eyelashes. After three weeks of using Rapidlash religiously every night, I had noticably longer lashes, although they were not the thick voluminous lashes of my wildest dreams. They were my normal eyelashes on just a little bit of crack. Falsie length, but not super dense. When you apply this product to your lash line, do NOT overapply it. Basically, if you apply it and you see a bead of product on the applicator, you're applying too much. Use less than you think you need! What happens if you overapply it? Well the product will transfer onto your lashes and brush against the skin under your eyes. And in about a month you will be squinting into a magnifying mirror wondering if your undereye peach fuzz was always that fuzzy.

Shelby F

I've been using RapidLash for at least 2 years now. It definitely made my lashes grow as promised and I've been using it 1-2 times a week for about a year and a half. Be aware, your lashes will probably start to fall out all at the same time at some point but that's because your lashes have a cycle and it's more noticeable after beginning the serum because you have more lashes and they're thicker. Another thing to note, my lashes started growing extremely straight once I started the serum and they have to be curled every day.

Raquel W

This was truly a great product before they were made to change their formula. Don't get me wrong, it still relievers results in terms of healthy lashes, but I don't think this has the same lash growing power as the previous formula.

Lindsay B

This is nothing short of amazing. I bought it assuming it wouldn't work, and I've been using it for a month now and am starting to see results. My lashes look longer before and after I use mascara. I have really sensitive eyelids that get dry and swollen when I use most products, and miraculously this doesn't bother them. I'm excited to see how they look in 2 months.

Robin T

I used this and did see a difference in my lashes. They were thicker and longer. I stopped using and def see a difference. It is a little pricey but I buy at Bed Bath and Beyond and use a 20% off coupon and get it for $32 will repurchase !!

Azizeh S

I have been using this product for about 3 months now and I have notice a huge difference in my lashes; Even though my lashes were long they had blondish ends so mascara was the only way I can get my lashes to be visible. This product has been a game changer. My lashes are longer, darker and stronger.

Slobhan S

This stuff is amazing!!! I lost a lot of lashes after having individual lash extensions, not only did this help my lashes grow back super quick, they were better than ever before. They only drawback to this is that you have to keep using it... as soon as you stop your lashes go back to normal.

Noran M

This really does work really well. My lashes grew double it's length in less than 2 months I didn't even need mascara. But your lashes WILL go back to its natural length if you stop using it but that's bound to happen with any product..

Yamiec C

This product is the first of its kind I've ever tried. I was skeptical to say the least. I've been using it for 2 weeks and can see some difference. Lashes seem a little longer and fuller. I have pretty average looking lashes, not puny but not super long. It's pretty easy to use. Application is only once a day. Before you go to bed you apply it to your upper lash line. Similar to a liquid liner. I bought this on sale at Walgreens.

Cori R

I have used Li Lash for a few years and loved it. It was time for a new tube so I decided to try rapid lash. It did work, but not as well. My lashes were not as long and thick as with Li Lash and I also noticed I was shedding a lot more lashes per day, which didn't make me happy. bottom line it's an ok product, but I think there are a lot better one out there.

Meg G

Save your money guys, I was eager to try this product and I have been using it for about 2 months and I see completely NO results.

Sara L

This stuff really works. My right lashes were shorter than my left so I wanted to get something to even them out. After applying daily for 2.5 weeks I noticed my lashes were longer and fuller than before. It's nothing crazy drastic to other people but I personally notice the change. Overtime of nonuse I also noticed that my lashes would fall out more frequently. Definitely worth the price for longer and fuller lashes.

Kayla L

I've used RapidLash a few times over the last few years and have always had amazing success. Within the 4-6 week time period I see extra length on my lashes. It's easy to apply with the long narrow brush and hassle-free as you simply apply it before bed. The only reason I don't keep a permanent supply in my home is the price point.

Griezelle G

When I first heard about this product on Youtube, I must say I was a bit skeptical. But I decided to try it out and I must say I, and my family, noticed a difference- they are longer and a bit thicker. I am pretty sure there are better products out there, but for my first time using a product like this.. I would say I like this product a lot.

Jen F

This works great for me! I started using it a couple years ago and noticed my lashes were longer. I kept up using it a couple times a week and then ran out. After some time my lashes were looking a little sad, so I repurchased and after about a month I'm noticing results again. I've used it on my brows too and have had to trim my brow hairs!

Kara P

This product really works. My girlfriend and I both bought some and started using it. Within a few weeks we started noticing the difference! If used daily your eyelashes will be unbelievably long. The only downfall is that when you stop using it, your lashes go back to normal.


Purchased this because I wanted longer lashes without paying for extensions. The first few nights my eyes were red and irritated but that went away after about a week as long as I went to bed as soon as I applied. After a month of using this my lashes are thinner and shorter than they have ever been. I'll be going back to putting Tarte's Maracuja oil on my lashes nightly. It's much more more effective and way cheaper since a travel size bottle lasts forever.


I tried it for two days, and on the second day I noticed the skin near my lash line was red. I used this a few years ago and didn't have any problems so I'm not sure if my skin has gotten more sensitive. It's a shame because it does work.

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