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 GrandeLash-MD is an award-winning lash serum that promotes longer and thicker lashes in six weeks, according to the company website. It has many positive reviews online.

 The company is transparent with its ingredients, making them easily accessible on their website. It contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which helps to condition lashes, along with amino acids and antioxidant botanicals.

 However, when we looked at the ingredient list for this top eyelash serum, we saw a red flag, a prostaglandin ingredient. Prostaglandins are known to cause eye and skin discoloration and may be dangerous if used when pregnant. With these potential risks, we want a product that’s prostaglandin free.

GrandeLash Pros

Award-winning formula with hundreds of positive reviews online
Contains some botanical extracts, antioxidants, amino acids and hyaluronic acid
The company provides transparency about its ingredients
Ophthalmologist tested and approved formula
Offered at a reasonable price and easy to purchase online
Offers a money-back guarantee

GrandeLash Cons

Contains a form of prostaglandin, which is known to be dangerous for pregnant women and may leave discoloration or dark spots on the eye

Not safe for use during pregnancy, when breastfeeding or when undergoing chemotherapy

Some users reported irritation and allergic reactions to the product

GrandeLash Customer Reviews


I never write reviews, but this product impressed me so much, I decided to share how much I like this stuff. I used the serum twice a day for about a month before I saw results.


I’m 3 months into using this and my lashes are so much thicker that I don’t need mascara. If I choose to wear mascara, my lashes are as thick as friends that have lash extensions. The product does not make my eyes sting as other reviewers have posted.

Darlene. R

I've been using it for a month exactly. I skipped a couple nights here and there. So to be fair, I am trying it for a couple more weeks. So far I don't see length growth, but I do see small hairs popping up in places the serum touches. So be careful when applying, little hairs might pop up on your eyelid. I will update the review then after a couple more weeks.

Melinda. L

I love this product, but it didn’t last 3 months as it’s marketed. I used it exactly as it recommended, however it was all gone after a month and a half. I was very disappointed because I just started getting the results I wanted! My friends have started noticing too! I would have returned it to try another bottle to see if I got a bad batch but it was past the 30 day return policy.


It hasn't been too long since I started using this, but my upper eyelid got super swollen and irritated and I had to stop using for a week. I think after you sleep with it on in the morning you have to get ALL the residual formula off. I'm going to give it another try and will update.

Patricia B

Arrived quickly. Product really works. My eyelashes look amazing. Is very expensive so don’t know if i will continue buying it.


This works!! It didn’t thicken mine but it certainly lengthened them within a month or less. You have to keep using it though.


I used it every day for a couple months before my wedding and my lashes were hitting my sunglasses. I'm also a swimmer and they were hitting my goggle lenses. After the wedding, I cut back to three times a week and my lashes are still super full! Will keep using this indefinitely!


I used it twice per day as suggested and after one month started to see results. I definitely have more lashes and longer lashes but they are thin and pale. With no mascara on you can see I have more lashes but not so much that I can go without mascara

Lisa G

I ordered it before and it worked great, this time it didn't work at all. I felt nothing, even if it got in my eyes it felt like water and the consistency was not normal like ti should be. I think you should.

Lindsey G

it stung when I applied it. By the morning my eyes were red and inflamed. They were super bloodshot and I couldn't put in my contacts because my whole eye area was so sensitive. Needless to say, I returned the "serum".


I have noticed really any difference after 2 months of use. For the price I was really hoping it worked like people said. It leaves my eyes dark and crusty.


It works great for me. I used to take Latisse and was very satisfied with it however it is now so expensive that i cannot afford it anymore. This is not as good as Latisse but not too far from it. So for the price,i think this is a great product! it took about 2-3 weeks to really see the difference but now i use it everyday and couldn't live without it


This stuff is amazing. People regularly compliment me on my long lashes, and that's after years of damage due to false lashes that left near stubbles on my lids. Grandelash strengthened and conditioned my lashes, which are now almost too long to wear glasses!


I've tried other products, but this is the only one that has worked for me. My lashes are long now! They used to be short and sparse.


This stuff works! I quit using Latisse because this is so much better!


I love this product. I’m a bit obsessed with my eyelashes being healthy and long. This is s great product.

Jennifer O

I've been using this for several years. I get compliments on my eyelashes daily! They are probably twice as long. If I stop using my eyelashes just go back to their 'normal' normal length (unlike the damage fake eyelashes cause). I don't know that I think they are any 'thicker' or more of them, but combined with a thickening mascara and you'll get the look of faux lashes.

R Cogbill

I thought this might HELP a little, but it is has REALLY improved my lashes. They are THICKER and LONGER ! My bottom lashes are LONGER than they have ever been. AMAZING !! I bought the mascara also and love it. I am NOT really great about remembering to use it like I should, and it still has been GREAT


In just over a month, I have noticeably thicker brows. I'm not having to fill them in nearly as much as I used to. And they are a little darker than before using this product, which is great! Lashes are thicker as well, although not quite as noticeably. Have to be careful when using along the lash line, as this product STINGS in the eyes! A little bit goes a very long way.


Caused serious eye irritation. Eye doctor made me quit using it. Eye problems disappeared after 4 months of discontinuing use of GrandeLash.


Caused around my eyes to get dark. And no one looks good with raccoon eyes. For long eye lashes, its not worth the dark circles.


After many tubes of Grande Lash MD , there is none better.


In a week I noticed a difference. I have short stumpy lashes. I have used unique fiber lash/mascara for years but really hated the black fibers. My hair stylist told me to try this, and wow! 3 weeks in and my lashes are almost to my eyebrows


It works! It does take a few weeks before you notice results, and you need to be diligent about applying morning and night. But trust me, it does work!! I have people ask me all the time if my lashes are real.

Mrs Hopeful

love this product! I had my doubts, but when my daughter recommended it, I knew it had to be good. I've been using it now for 5 months, and my lashes have grown to where I needed to take a "GrandeLash vacation" - I did about 3 weeks on, 1 week off, and now I do every other week.


This stuff really works. Works best if used twice a day. I had no eyebrows (well they were down the the very fine hairs that you can't see). I still use a brow filler to shape and darken but now I have something to work with. I use it on both my lashes and brows and my lashes deffinitely got longer.


My eyes turned bright red & were irritated all day. I couldn't wear my contacts.


This stuff totally works!! And at first I loved it. But after a very short time, I had to stop using it all together because it was so irritating to my eyes, even when I tried to apply it lightly and infrequently. So bummed because it totally made my lashes grow!


I liked this product initially and had some positive results. Nothing stupendous but some improvement. However, after 10-12 weeks the skin around my eyes turned orange. Really orange. No one will notice your eyelashes when you look like you're deathly ill.

Amy B

This stuff is amazing! It took at least three months to do the trick, but right around there, a few lashes became noticeably longer and then they all got really long shortly thereafter. Without mascara, I am not sure anyone would notice, but one coat and it really shows

Annette Z

I did see a difference in my lashes while I used it.

Linda Richardson

it takes time to notice a difference but I did it as an "experiment" every day for 3 months & after 6 weeks I could definitely tell the difference as my eyelashes were longer & more of them.I was so pleased that I told some girlfriends & now they are also using this product with great results.


Although I was blessed with long lashes from my dad, I have concerns about thinning lashes as I get older. I'm 58 and I feel this product seems to prevent thinning of my lashes. I apply to my upper lash line at bedtime. I also apply argan oil to my upper lashes at bedtime and again in the morning prior to applying mascara.

Pure Faith

I like this product the lash growth is there and my lashes are thicker,fuller and longer. the color of the lash itself is lighter. My hair color is very dark brown /black. my eye brows are black. i may need to use it longer to achieve darker lash's . I will reorder this product because it does work

Marcie K

This product is amazing! Been using it now for about 2 months - It really really does work!!! My lashes went from short and stubby to where they now almost touch my eyebrows! It’s a cinch putting on mascara now - I don’t have to use the lengthening fiber type nor do I need to keep putting on coats to make them.


I developed alopecia (hair loss) of my eyelashes recently. Product was prescribed and I cannot believe it actually works! I now have full and longer eyelashes. I highly recommend this product.


Within a few weeks I could tell that my eyelashes were really growing and getting thicker. A little mascara & Voila! Looking & feeling years younger! With nightly use, the tube does last just a little over 3 months, which makes this a real bargain

Nancy Cheester

works but it affected my vision down the road, not a good trade

Amy M

I initially bought this to put on my brows to help re-growth but started putting on my top lash line and my lashes are SO long and full. I've gotten so many comments about how long my lashes are and was even asked if I got extensions.


I've gotten great results with this. I know others said "it's not the real deal" but I am very happy with it. I was a Latisse user for 2 years but swtiched (this is less expensive and it felt time for a change) and I'm impressed.


I've been using this two times a day for the past three weeks. And it works!!! My lashes reach my brows!! With no mascara! Although - no new lashes grow... its just the existing ones growing longer. I don't mind that at all...


I really enjoyed this product. I definitely noticed significant growth of my eyelashes even after 2 weeks of applying it until I stopped using it after 2 tubes once they raised the price.

Sandi K

The best thing about Grandlash is that it works. My eyelashes are now longer than any time in my life. I received a compliment when I was younger, you have cute eyelashes. Even though your eyelashes are short, still cute. I never forgot. Now I get compliments that my eyes are pretty, not that my eyelashes are long.

Kim B

This product is awesome. I used to have beautiful lashes when I was younger but as I got closer to 50, I noticed that my lashes had greatly diminished. A friend of mine used an expensive lash treatment spending 100 plus per month and after several months, her lashes looked awesome, however 100 a month was a little to much for me so I thought I would try Grandlash which was in my budget. After 1 month I noticed improvement and by 3 months, my friends thought I was wearing false eyelashes

Judy F

This is a product that you need to be very patient with it. It took 8 weeks before I saw noticeable results. I receive comments on my long eyelashes. I'm on my second tube for maintenance only. Be careful to not get it in your eye, it will burn slightly.


I first tried this product at the suggestion of my waxer a year ago. I bought it from her at almost twice the price as here. It worked great. I saw noticeable growth and fullness in my lashes. I only used it at night before because my eyes are easily irritated and it did irritate my eyes if I used it everyday. So I used it only a few times a week. This time I'm seeing very little growth and fullness and I'm using it every night. I really think they change the formula from the version sold in pricey salons. That sucks.


I have been using grande lash for about 1.5 years- my eyelashes are always full and lustrous - they are actually falling out and breaking now with this product


Yes yes yes! Finally something that grew my lashes! In about a month I saw pretty great results. Fuller, longer and curlier lashes! I usually wear falsies, but stopped after using this product. The only downfall, is that the results only last with continuous use

Judith S

This stuff is superb, I have used other "lash growth" products, only to be very disappointed when they did not work. This product produces longer, thicker lashes in 90 days if you only use it once a day, faster if you use it twice a day!


I was almost going to get latisse and someone recommended this. I had been using castor oil on my lashes and it helped a touch but nothing dramatic. I've been using GrandeLash for a few months now and the results after the fist month were SUPER noticeable. i'm obsessed. Even more noticeable when i put mascara on.

Cynthia Thomas

This is a re-buy for me. It was recommended by my hair stylist who had used it. It works. It takes a while (4-6 weeks) to work to the fullest extent but I could tell a difference right off the bat.I bought a cheaper brand to save money and I just wasted my money. You get what you pay for.


Bought this project as it was recommended as a lash conditioner. Like another reviewer, this causes the hair under my eyes to be darker and thicker and really noticeable now. Now it looks like I have dark smudges under my eye. It did nothing for my lashes, but caused the hair under my eyes to be darker and thicker after a couple weeks of use. Beware!


Ok. Just got it today and tried it for the first time. I did take “before” photos but it kinda burned applying it but I think as it dries it has gotten better.


It does not work!. I have used it for nearly 6 weeks and have not seen any difference whatsoever in my eyelashes. A waste of money! Update. I continued using this product up until a few days ago as I noticed my eyelashes starting to break. I have tried many eyelash enhancer products under $50 and have yet to find one that actually works.


I am a skeptic when it comes to products like this, but I'll try anything once. I am so glad I tried this product! My eyelashes under my eyes were barely noticeable even when I wore mascara. After about 2 months I noticed a huge difference in length of my bottom lashes.


I've been shopping around since I couldn't afford Lattise any longer and finally found GrandeLash MD. With a little trepidation, and after waiting 2 months to see results, I realize that I am extremely happy with this product. It is very comparable to the $200 product, and I didn't have the dark discoloration I experienced with Lattise.


Is working great for my eyebrows. They look amazing! But...I really wanted it to work for my lashes. It is causing peach fuzz all around my eyes, but not my actual lashes. If you want thicker eyebrows, this definitely works! Makes my eyelids red sometimes.


Surprisingly this actually works... A large investment but I guess if you really want longer eyelashes and have $65 to spare, this does the job.


Great product. It just works. No side effects. After the first tube I moved down to using just every other night. I get compliments every single day.

Martha Smith

Best over the counter product for growing lashes I have found. After losing my lashes due to chemo I was desperate to grow them back. My dr told me about this product. My lashes have grown back and grande has kept them long. Longer than before chemo.

Angie H

After asking my friend how she suddenly had long, full lashes, she recommended me to this product. I thought she was wearing fake lashes! I've been using this occasionally for the past month, and even though I may forget to apply it more often than I would like to, I am seeing it work on my lashes too these days. The serum is easy to apply with the ultra fine tip, and is light enough to wear during the day, if preferred.


I ordered Grandelash last week of January and after 4 days i received it. :D yippee!

Michelle M

If your like me who have very skimpy, thin and short lashes, then this product will revive the growth of your lashes and make them stronger. I've been using this product since last year, and my lash technician tells me that she can see the growth of my lashes and she can put a lash on every lash, which makes my lashes look fuller and longer!! Try it now, you won't be disappointed!!


Burns my eyes!!! So irritating.

Melissa Rogers

i think my lashes are falling out ! im a damn mu artist. this stuff is BS ! dont purchase , i seriouslllly think im losing lashes

Linda S

Love this product have used over several years with great results .Now using the eyebrow Product hoping I see some thickening of brows soon

Wench M

This stuff made my lashes Longer AND fuller. Bought Rapid Lash and thought that worked really good ( it did....for a while ), but this stuff is THE bomb! My pale blonde almost non existent lashes are now long and lengthy. Took about two months to see major results, but it is worth the time and effort.

Melissa Martins

Amazing product that really works! I apply it every night before bed. My eyelashes had always been long and when I turned 65, I noticed how short they had become. Started using this product and now women are asking me if they are my own lashes! I can use less mascara now too.

Lori Roy

This product worked well for me. I'm in my early 50's and have used it for 2.5 months. I'm getting low and will need to re-order soon. My skimpy lashes are much longer and a little thicker. I only used it at night and started noticing a difference in about 6 weeks.


Definitely works. I purchased after taking off false lashes which ruined my natural lashes. I applied 2x a day (morning and night). Noticeable results were seen in 2weeks. Had to go from 2x to 1x because my eyes would be irritated and itchy or red.

Susan Miller

I’ve been using for almost 2 months, hadn’t notice much eyelash growth, but was just looking closely in the mirror and saw fine dark hairs on my cheeks and I’m completely horrified. I don’t want to pluck for fear they will come back darker or coarser. I’m stopping use immediately and can’t believe I wasted my money on this product.


Not worth the price. Saw no noticeable difference. At first within those first couple of months of using it, there looked to be a possibility of the lashes getting longer. However, never were they any thicker, and after awhile any length I seemed to gain returned to the length they were before using this product - and that's while still using the product!!

Kim Meroo

I wanted to like this product so badly! My friend used it and her lashes look gorgeous- long and full! I tried it for 2 nights and my eyes were so red and irritated. I want to keep using it, but it just hurts my eyes too much. So sad.


Have been using for a few weeks now and haven't seen a difference.


Saw results

Lisa H

My lashes definitely are longer. They are not as full as I would like or as advertised. I will continue to use.


It took a solid 3-4 weeks of regular use to notice an improvement, but with regular use it actually does work quite well. I used LiLash in the past, which was more expensive, and definitely worked more quickly, but they both work very well in the end. I'd definitely recommend this. Also, my eyes are sensitive and this is the only lash enhancer I've used that doesn't leave me with red, irritated eyes.

Miranda L

Couldnt be happier -- FOR REAL GROWTH. Noticably longer lashes if you use it every day. My eyelashes touch my eyebrows they are so long. Con: If you apply it on the eyelid repeatedly, it can sting a bit. But applying very close to the lash line this goes away.


I've tried more then 10 enhancers in the past few years. Grande lash seems to work fine. I have spare lashes that are different in length, after a month of using the product, my lashes length is even, they curl in one direction and appear much fuller. I like GrandeLash for several reasons: 1. Doesn't irritate my eyes ( you can have brown/reddish eye liner in the beginning but it disappears after several days of using) 2. It made my eyelashes longer and thicker.

Vera Henson

Great producr. I have used the same container for over a month and there is still a lot left. My eye lashes are very long. A few here and there are longer but that's ok. It did not make my lashes thicker, only longer. Will reorder!


Have been using for a few weeks now and haven't seen a difference. The only thing that has changed is it is making my eyes red, to the point where it is noticeable. Will update this review if I see a change in lashes


I would highly recommend this product. I bought this in December and have full, longer lashes. I get so many compliments and people asking me if I am wearing fake lashes. I did not use it every day, more like every other day and it worked like a charm. I do have to say it did burn a little when it got in my eye, but worth the few seconds of burning to get lashes like the ones I have now. If you are looking for longer lashes, do it! Take the chance, you will be thankful you did!


It works! I’ve always struggled with short lashes and three weeks Into using this I was in awe of the length of my lashes. They weren’t as think as I would have liked but the length is definitely there.


This stuff does work! Use it twice a day at first and then once a day when you reach your goal You have to maintain using it to keep your lashes long. It can't be irritating to the eyes, though. So, use in small amounts until you know your own reaction.

Cynthia G

Great product that does work! Will irritate eyes for first week or so. Be mindful when applying that you don't have too much excess serum. This will help with irritation. If it's too bothersome to use twice a day, use only once. It will work, but be patient. Results aren't overnight, but over at least a month of regular use.

Kate G

This product is amazing! I went from feathery, nearly invisible lashes to stronger, thicker and luxurious lashes in only three weeks. I'll use this product for as long as it exists

Wendy F

My eyes got irritated even affecting my vision and contact lens. Also, my lashes started falling off.


Did nothing for my lash growth. I spoke with several people that use this product and say it works great for them, but I saw ZERO change. I was warned by those people that if I bought it online and not from an authorized reseller that I could have received a fake product. I am not saying I did, since I do not know this to be fact, I only know others that have awesome lash growth and I saw none. I would not buy again unless it was from an authorized retailer though.

Diana F

This does not work. I have been using for one month - no difference


I purchased this first at a plastic surgeon's office. The girls there all used it and they had incredible lashes! I have been using it since July of last year and my lashes are longer for sure. They aren't quite what I expected, based on what I saw with the girls in the office that day, but then again, they said you have to apply it morning and night. I am lucky to get it applied every night.


This stuff is amazing! I just ordered my 2nd one and it's accurate, a little less than 3 months I noticed a huge difference in my lashes!!!! Obsessed.

Dr. Rossie

My lashes are light and fine so I am using Grandelash twice a day. My beautician has noticed that new, fine lashes are growing after 1 month of application! I will need to use the product for the full 3 months to see longer lashes.


It worked very well . Starting after two month my I eyelash are getting more .

Steve P

It didn't really do a thing for the length of my lashes.


It works! Just use it every night and you'll notice in about 4 weeks. Whoa so happy

Kyle C

This stuff is amazing! Needed to find a cheaper replacement for the R+F lash boost and this is it! My lashes look fake and I get stopped all the time about how long they are.


Wish I read the other reviews before I purchased. I used this product once and woke up with swollen, purple eye lids. Horrible waste of $65


A makeup artist friend told me about Grand lash, which I purchased after most of my lashes broke or fell out due to eyelash extensions. I used it every night for 6 weeks and I can't believe how long my lashes have grown. I had no irritation at all and I'm really sensitive to some products. BUY THIS PRODUCT, it is really worth it.

Alice T

For the first 2-3 weeks I thought I had bought a product that did not work. However, after those first few weeks I suddenly noticed results - and what great results. I had pulled out a large section of my eyelashes with a defective eyelash curler and the gap was obvious. But after the first three weeks the lashes started to rapidly grow back at an amazing rate and after a month the gap is no longer noticeable.

Tiny B

Seriously! My eyelashes, which were pretty short and nonexistent, are now so long, I can't wear my old sunglasses anymore! My eyelashes touch the lenses too much on my old sunglasses, which is annoying, so I had to switch! This stuff is so powerful, you need to be pretty careful of where it gets on your face, otherwise, the areas which you want to remain hairless (like the areas to the right and left of the ends of your lash line) might start to grow a little fuzz...


When i first started using it for a few weeks, i saw a difference. I wanted it to mostly make my lashes longer, because they are short, but this made my lashes thicker. It only irritates your eyes if you get it in your eyes. That only happened to me once, but it goes away. Overall, i think it's an okay product. Just wish it made my lashes longer

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