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Last on our list is Lancer’s lash conditioner. We noticed instantly that the company website is missing vital information, such as the size of the product (for a pricey $150, we want to know how much serum is contained in one tube).

Lancer eyelash serum does feature peptides in its formula, but it also contains a prostaglandin analog. This ingredient is known to cause severe reactions, including eyelid drooping and infection. With an eyelash growth serum, safety is paramount, and this product does not make the cut.

Lancer Pros

Contains a tri-peptide complex to promote lash growth and thickness
Biotin and panthenol help to strengthen and fortify lashes
Easy to purchase online and at major retailers
The company offers a 30-day return policy

Lancer Cons

The company does not disclose the size of the product

Contains a prostaglandin analog shown to cause potentially risky side effects

Not vegan

Not gluten free

It’s prohibitively expensive ($150)

Lancer Customer Reviews


I’ve tried several products, and aside from Rodan and Fields (like $170 but totally works), this is the first one that lengthens my lashes like crazy AND doesn’t cause eye irritation. Ive recommended this to several of my girlfriends.


I used this product consistently for 6 weeks, and not only did I see no difference, but it itched/burned my eyes, and affected my vision, giving me sensitivity to light and blurriness at times. I had to stop using it because it felt dangerous to keep doing so, and all the symptoms stopped immediately.


I really wanted to write a review that matched all the reviews and claims that it gave them amazing thicker longer lashes but in truth it doesn't work. I applied the serum every morning and night and there was absolutely no change in appearance to my lashes. It was a waste of my time. Don't waste your money.


I bought a tube. I wanted so much to like this serum since it was a less expensive alternative to others, but it truly did nothing for my lashes. I followed the directions to the tee, but nothing grew. I've had excellent results with other serums, but for some reason not this one.

Susan Martins

I didn't like this product. Ive been using it for about 2 weeks and don't notice any difference in my lashes except that my eyes feel sticky when I wake up in the morning. I've had much better results with Latisse although it did cause slight darkening under my eye but it wasn't that bad. I'm going to keep using this for another 2 weeks.

Jennifer B

This stuff is awesome. After a pregnancy, my eyelashes kept breaking and falling off. Within a few weeks of ordering this, people were asking if I got extensions.


I'm very excited to say that this stuff really works! I use it every night before bed. It's been about a month now and I can definitely see results! My lashes and brows are fairly light but this is really helping! Does not irritate my eyes either!


I don’t think this product lived up to all of it’s positive reviews, which is the reason for my purchase. The bottle is half empty and I’m not showing a lot of progress. I’ve given it plenty of time , but nothing spectacular. Nourish lash seems to be the best product I’ve tried so far. I’ll probably go back to that.

Molly D

Turned my eyes bright red for two days after ONE use!

Natasha H

Only used 2 times. And for two days my eyes swelled and blushed.
Don't risk your health.


I've been using this for about 2 months now and I really started to notice a difference after about a month. This stuff is AMAZINGGG, definitely a new staple in my nighttime routine.


This stuff is AMAZING! There aren't many reviews about it, probably because people are afraid to try it at this price tag, but let me tell you it is worth every penny. My lashes are not only longer, but thicker and fuller. With one coat of mascara I look like I have false lashes


This product works! I get eyelash extensions but wanted a way to go from 2 week fills to 3 without looking a mess. This made my natural lashes longer and re-grew those in spots that were sparse. Even my eyelash tech noticed the new growth! The only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because it does cause some irritation and redness on the eyelid.


This really seemed like it was working well at first but after the month and a half mark I've noticed zero changes. Other less expensive serums have worked far better. This product is way too expensive to be mediocre. I started getting really strange lash growth as well, my lashes look almost clumpy in some areas (without mascara) and super sparse in others. Save your money!


Application was easy but saw absolutely no difference after an entire bottle. Waste of a lot of money.


I havent been using this product everyday so I can't say if its really effective. Reason is its making the skin around my eyes red, almost like if I have bruises. Im hoping with time my skin will get used to it...


I was very hopeful with all the great reviews but I used the product for a month and did not notice longer or fuller lashes. The formula does cause irritation on the lids. I returned the product.


This product darken my eyelids after one application. I have a light complexion


I usually don't write reviews but had to do for this one as this thing doesn't work. Don't waste your money.


Minimal result plus when you apply it, it leaves a white scaly residue. Sometime it’s very hard to remove it.


The longer you have this product after opening it, the more ineffective it becomes. This stuff was actually working for me until about 2 months of using it. By this time I still have a good amount left In the bottle, but the serums effectiveness has decreased by ALOT. My lashes are now falling out and I'm losing all the progress from the past 2 months. I'm disappointed because it's too soon to buy a fresh bottle of this stuff considering the price...also, if you don't keep using this product every day, your lashes will start to fall out. (I forgot to use It for 2 days in a row once and even that caused some lashes to fall) I don't think it's too worth it for the price.

Queen Latifa

This product did nothing to lengthen my lashes. The only thing to happen was a darkening of the skin on my eyelids. Presumably this product works for some given its popularity. My only regret is that I did not request a refund but instead continued to use it thinking it would take at least a month to see results


I thought this worked in the beginning, but it irritated my eyes so I had to stop. I tried to power through but it felt like it wasn't making much of a difference. Then I would try to take a break, everytime I would try to return to it, I would get that irritation back again. Not worth the exorbitant price and I wish I hadn't exceeded the return period so I could get my money back.


I used this non stop for 2 months and I did see an improvement in the thickness of my lashes. The seemed a bit longer but nothing dramatic. I think this stuff is worth $40-50. I can't believe I paid $150 but I really wanted to see a big improvement in the length of my lashes so I paid up. It's good but no game changer. Also, not sure if other people experienced it but the whites of my eyes turned a pale yellow. Also I did experience eye irritability but I used Visine and it helped my the red itching eyes.


Not worth the price. Used it for months still nothing change. Too pricey to try. I have used multiple brands that cost lower than this brand, but this is the most expensive one for no result.


This stuff really works, I have used lots and they never made my lashes thicker, always made them longer but not thicker, this stuff rocks and it does what it states, at one point I was heading towards fake lashes. I decided to give this a chance I LOVE IT!!! THIS IS BETTER THEN LATISSE


I bought this after reading the great reviews. I’ve been using this only a week and see the result of more lash growth. I don’t see length yet, as it is early on but I notice fuller and more lashes.


I was very skeptical and hesitant because of the price. But I’m glad I finally took a chance on it because it has totally changed my lashes! I got lash extensions basically non stop for around 5 years straight and got sick of the upkeep and pricing and other limitations. After about 4 weeks, my lashes are way longer and way thicker.


After finding out I could not tolerate lash extensions, the removal of them left my lashes destroyed. I have used several differed lash serums at different price points with varying levels of success. Some worked great at the beginning, then seemed to stop working. I read rave reviews of this one, so decided to give it a try. This has been the most expensive and the one with the least results! In fact, my lashes seem to be getting shorter, the longer I use this! The other evening I had several clumps of lashes fall out from my right eyelid! A terrible product, in my opinion. Overhyped and overpriced!


I have been using this product for a month because as I’ve got older my eyelashes which were once long and full have become more sparse. Also I had 2 lots of eyelash extensions and I am sure they damaged my lashes. After a month I didn’t feel it had made any difference but when I went to have some more extensions put on (yes I fell for it again but I just think long lashes make such a difference) my beautician said she had to use extensions that were 2mm longer than before so I guess it must be working! Would love to know what anyone thinks but I will probably continue using it and buy one more - it is expensive though. Also I’m not sure how long it last and no indications about when it runs out


It works!!! I’ve been using one tube for about 5 months now! And my lashes are so beautiful! They are super long, to the point that when I wear my sunglasses I can feel it when I’m blinking. And also there are so many more eyelashes now!


This product is amazing. It's a bit pricey, but it honestly works. I saw a difference within two weeks. My lashes are noticeably longer, and now I have all of my family and friends using it as well!

Adrian Girl

Really like how this serum actually lengthens my lashes. Been using it for two months now and my lashes have grown very long


I used it on And off but it still works. I’m amazed The price is too high that’s why I gave it 4 stars.


This product left my eyes irritated, red and watery. I tried it several diffent times and each time it burned and left my eyes watery and stinging. I didn't see any growth, just irritated eye lids and eyes. I would would not buy again or recommend.

Victoria D

Doesn't deserve any stars! VERY disappointing & I'm seriously wondering who initially gave it such glowing reviews? Absolutely NO results after over a month. Some itching & irritation. A waste of money


Do not buy this product. After reading the reviews I had very high hopes and not only did I not see any growth after using it regularly for several months, it irritates my eyes and made them very itchy. I tried to give it more time to work and it did not and now I can't return it because the return window has closed. Do not waste your money.


I have used this for the last few months and have not noticed a difference in my lashes. I use it every night and there is no growth or anything. Very disappointed in this product.


Be extremely careful using this product. The only time I used this product, I developed a horrible eye infection.


Not sure if it works but it makes my eye lids itch.


They work, but you look weird with red, bruised-looking eyes (and itchy)

Mary T

Didn’t work for me

Nancy D

This product claims to be irritation-free. It is not. I applied it as directed and my upper eyelids became super irritated. Had to discontinue use. However my daughter uses it and doesn't have that problem. I wanted it to work so bad.

Margaret S

Surrounding areas turned red and burned. Tried to use much less and still made my eyes burn, water and surrounding area was red. Waiting a few days and tried again...same response. Waste of money.

Yoichi O

I used the product and I woke up with swollen eye lid. I tried it again last night and same. Swollen eye!!!

Virginia L

Worked great at first, but it's hard to tell when the product is really getting low. It seemed to begin to get thinner, even dripping off the applicator stem more than sticking to the brush. I am not reordering it.


Since I received this item, I started using it and almost immediately noticed my eyes became irritated. I stopped using for a couple of days hoping it was something else, as soon as I applied it, my eyes were irritated once again. To the point where I couldn’t open them unless I rinsed off the “stuff”


I saw results after a month, but you should be patient if you don't get results as fast...it is waiting on your hair to grow after all. Hair growth takes time. I wasn't expecting results until 3 months. I can especially notice the difference on my lower lashes. Before you couldn't even tell I had any, but now with mascara you can see them.

Annie L

This serum really works. Simple to use and it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. I've used it just about every night and the results have been incredible.

Linda N

I had no issues with using their product, it didn’t have a weird smell or irritate my very sensitive eyes. I would use it at night so I could go straight to bed and not obsess over my eyes with this product on. It is so easy to use, even I can do it and I’m a complete idiot at makeup and things.

Karen M

I was sick of paying for Latisse so I gave this a shot. The Latisse made my eyelashes absurdly long. But it wasn't always consistent- like just a few would grow like crazy. This is less irritating, way cheaper, and after using it every night for 3 weeks, my eyelashes are full, healthy and all of the lashes are longer.


It burns, with no result. I had to return it

Binta Y

I have been using this for about a week, and I’m not too pleased with it. It almost turns my eyes red when i wake up and also makes my upper eyelid look darker. I've stopped using it and don't plan on getting it again.


I am still on my first tube of serum and I have an actual fringe of lashes! Both upper and lower lashes are much longer and more even the ends are thicker. I still wear mascara to darken them up. I am wearing mascara here, but the difference is even dramatic without it.

Judith Rice

I've noticed longer, fuller lashes in the month I've used the product. I've paid much more on other products without success. This product is non-irritating and easy to apply


Verdict's still out for me on this product. I've been using it now for several weeks. My left eyelashes appear somewhat thicker, but the length is unchanged, and this is where I hoped to see improvement. I will, however, continue to use it and hope I'm just a late responder to Lancer. I've used Latisse, which worked great, but turned my eyelids a horrible color which took a long time to resolve. I like that Lash IQ does not have that effect.


I've been using it since I bought it (more than a month ago) and I don't see any difference on my lashes.. it doesn't work at all.. I wish I can return it!


I purchased this to be used on my sparse eyebrow hairs and this product worked for me after 3 weeks. For me it took sometime but I can see my eyebrows at the end where there was nothing, is becoming thicker and filling in. This is my 2nd tube I purchased and I will keep using it as it does work for me.

Desire Girl

Nothing lost, nothing gained! I tried this for a few weeks and found no noticeable improvement to my lashes so I was a bit underwhelmed. Reading the reviews before i purchased it I was hopeful but it just did nothing for me. I've invested in a very nice mascara and that is working nicely for me.

Paula P

I'm running at three stars because I've only used it a few times since I have received it. I don't really know if it works yet or not because I was using another brand of eyelash growth serum. The only thing I know is that it stings like crazy when he gets in your eye

Rebecca S

I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and it’s absolutely amazing. Length & volume for daysss. I have really sensitive eyes and every other product I’ve tried makes them itchy, red and irritated. This doesn’t! Worth the money.

Elizabeth E

Doesn't really work. My eyslashes have grown a tiny bit, but certainly not to the degree advertised. Will not purchase again. Irritates my eyes a LOT.

Marci R

I'm very disappointed. The reviews I read actually had me thinking that this natural product would work. After a couple weeks I noticed some very minor lash growth, however, it did not stay or continue. So... today I invested once again in Latisse-crazy expensive but it works!


On February 7th will be four weeks since I been applying this product and I don't see any changes on my lashes. This product doesn't work as promised on the outside of the box.

Kristen C

Product did not work on my lashes. Used for 4-5 weeks, nightly and had no growth or thickness to lashes. Was very disappointed.


I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding in April, and I purchased this product then because I wanted more fuller lashes to appear in the pictures. After a week, I started noticing that my lashes were a little longer, but nothing too extreme. It wasn't until a month later that I was stunned. My lashes are THICK and LONG. It almost looks like I have extensions in, except I don't have the hassle of extensions. Even without mascara, I feel like I have doll lashes now and I'm loving every minute of it!

Ruth B

Worst product ever bought! It doesn't work to the point that I wonder if it is just water!

Flavio C

I won't recommend it I have it for 4 months and nothing


Been using as directed every night and have seen no difference in thickness of length. This was a waste of money.


I’ve been using this product for 9 weeks now - once a day at bedtime. It is amazing! It is about the same price as GrandeLash because it is actually about the same price if you calculate the price for the amount of product. I’ve always had very short, sparse lashes naturally, and I began noticing dramatic differences in length, volume and strength in about 3-4 weeks.


IT WORKS. (Buy it!)


This product did nothing for my eyelashes. I took before and after photos and there was no change in the length or fullness.


Did not notice any difference in my lashes at all.


It did not do anything so I feel like I wasted my money


This product is truly amazing!!! I have horribly thin and short lashes with huge gaps in between. Decided to give this product a shot since it had so many great reviews and so glad I did! Yes, the first 3-4 days are adjustment days. Your eyes might get red and a bit irritated. However, that is just the skin around the eyes getting used to a new product being applied to it (believe me I have very sensitive eyes!) The redness goes away in about 3 days. You have to stick with it and keep consistently applying it every night before going to bed, following application instructions.


I’ve been using this serum every night since November 2017. I love it! I, like other women, bought this after taking off my lash extensions. Since November I have noticed longer lashes - people even ask me if they’re real!

Nicole D

Unfortunately, this product did absolutely nothing for me, while other lash growth serums have.

Angela N

Does not grow lashes as product indicates. After use for a few days, eyes get swollen and puffed.


This stuff WORKS. I’ve noticed a difference after just 3 weeks of using it nightly. My lashes are not only longer, but thicker too. Best of all, the serum doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes like the other lash serums I’ve tried. Don’t hesitate, buy it!


This product didn’t work for me after over 2 months. I don’t think it is the best lash serum you can use. Nourishlash works better.



Pearl S

I have using this for four weeks with no results. I will give a few more weeks.


I see no difference in my eyelashes and I have been using in twice a day!


So far so good. I used several other eyelash growth serum including Rapidlash. They made my eyes very itchy and uncomfortable. This one goes on very easily. No itch at all. Only used it for one week. Hard to say if it is working or not.


It makes your eyelashes curl naturally, grow longer and look thicker and darker! I used to get lash extensions, but my natural lashes look just as good with mascara now! Worth the money!


Forget extensions ladies, this stuff is the real deal! After using this for about 4 or 5 months my daughter thought i was wearing fake lashes. Yes it can cause a little irritation to your lid, and it ain’t cheap but wow. Just be careful applying it correctly and take a break if your lids get irritated.

Miche D

Ok I cannot believe that only 6 days of being on this I have seen BIG difference in my lashes. Not only are they longer but the density of my lashes are also much thicker. I suffer no fall out. My new holy grail!!


I used RapidLash before and loved it, so I decided to see if I would like this product more; however, I should have just stuck with RapidLash, I particularly did not like this product at all. The packaging on the outside was nice, but once you opened it, the tube looked cheap. But to my biggest disappointment, there wasn't much product in the bottle. After trying hard to scrap what was in there with the wand, it ran out before the end of the week.


TERRIBLE EYELASH GROWTH SERUM. I was using a different brand of growth serum which made my lashes long and beautiful. I decided to switch it up which was a mistake. All of my long lashes fell out and after months of using this my lashes stayed very short. Stopped using this and went back to the different brand

Gloria M

It's pretty drippy. Since every drip is important and costly, I have to be careful that that once big drip running down the wand doesn't fall onto the counter EVERY time I use this product. Please make it thicker and easier to use. I'll look for another serum when I run out


Worst product ever...do not waste your time or money, all you are going to get is irritated eyes and ink all on your fingers that comes off the letters on the bottle(that's how cheap it is, they couldn't use permanent ink on it) horrible product.


I use every day twice and It does not work.


This truly works. I was very skeptical at first but after a couple of months of consistent use my short, stick-straight lashes became noticeably longer and thicker. They stopped shedding and looked shinier too. After about 4 months of consistent use, my lashes got even longer and curled. I don't have to use waterproof mascara to hold a curl anymore.

Lee A

I've been using this serum for about a month, and my lashes are definitely longer and fuller. For the price, I would have liked to see a little more drastic results by now, but I'm still pretty happy with the results.

Liff N

This is the real deal. I get asked if I’m wearing false lashes. Read the directions for application. It is to be applied to the base of the lashes- not on your eyelids. I have zero irritation.


Does not work at all. Have been using it for more than 2 weeks and I am now even more skeptical about eyelash growth product thanks to this one :(


Jury is still out it hasn't been a month yet and this product does take time to work. I think I see some improvement.


It irritate the eye when applies. I think some of the reviews are fake


Due to health issues my lashes were falling out, so I reluctantly purchased this expensive product. To my surprise this has worked wonders over the last 4 months, and lasts awhile


I have been using this product for a month and see no difference.

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