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 Out of all of the eyelash growth products our testers analyzed, LashFood was the only lash serum to be Ecocert compliant. This certification indicates the company’s commitment to sourcing organic ingredients. Plus, many of this eyelash serum’s total ingredients are from natural origin. This means no prostaglandins, silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or mineral oils—a major plus for conscientious consumers.

 LashFood contains a blend of herbal extracts designed to fight the loss of lash hairs, soy protein to help strengthen lashes, and lavender water, which is known to support healthy lash growth.

 Unfortunately, testers didn’t see the results they hoped for when using this eyelash enhancer serum. To grow longer eyelashes, we suggest trying one of the other top eyelash serum products reviewed here.

LashFood Pros

A natural, Ecocert-compliant option made in a USDA organic certified facility
Free of prostaglandin, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and silicone
Does not conduct animal testing
Gluten free

LashFood Cons

Testers did not report seeing a significant difference in the appearance of lash thickness and volume (it can take up to 16 weeks to achieve results)

Does not contain peptides formulated to grow longer eyelashes

Expensive, at $80 for 3 milliliters

No money-back guarantee

LashFood Customer Reviews

Betsey Girl

I had been using eyelash extensions for a few months and I was worried about what my lashes would look like without them but I was tired of having to get them done every few weeks. I wanted something natural without harsh chemicals and I found lash food. I’m so happy I tried it!


This stuff WORKS. I suffer from Trichotillomania (compulsive eyelash pulling) and Lashfood really helps the bald-spots in my lash-line grow in SO much faster. I've also noticed that my lashes are longer! I only use it at night, since it's so expensive.


It doesn't work. I've been applying nightly for 4 weeks with no effect, so it doesn't matter that it smells fine and is easy to apply.

Blue Jay

I've been using this religiously every night since the end of November with absolutely no results... Save your money and buy Latisse. It's only about $50 from Walmart and Walgreens with prescription.


I love this product
 Been Using it for quiet a while
Is gently around my eyes 
And I see mayor result
 My lashes are fuller and darker
 Love it

Loves to Cook

Didn’t do anything for my lashes

Cheryli Pombo

eyelashes started to fall out and not much growth


My eyelashes didn't change at all .. Very expensive product with no results.


I’ve been applying to both my brows and lashes nightly and definitely have lots of new growth on my brows. My lashes aren’t as noticeable but I do feel they’re a bit longer.

Ashley Nix

I got a sample size from a beauty supply store for super cheap, $10! So I figured why not try it. I mainly got it for the section of eyelashes I have mysteriously lost on both eyes


I've been using this for a month or two and I have to say it really works! it makes my lashes longer and fuller, as well as stronger.

Emily Jane

I bought this after reading a ton of reviews that recommended it highly, and after using it for 3 months I am severely disappointed. My lashes were nowhere near noticeably thicker, however I gave this product the 3/5 rating because it did make my lashes--which were very thin and frail-- a bit stronger.

Super Anita

Works great! Noticeable difference after 2 weeks. I liked this product so much I ordered again for my friends. The eyelash growth formula works exactly expected

Jen Lopez

This product is amazing!! I’ve always had short lashes, but after using this product, I’ve noticed a big difference in the length of my lashes. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to get longer lashes


I started using this product about three weeks ago. At that time I was wearing eyelash extensions, which my coworkers knew about and complimented. I decide to let the extensions grow out and fall of naturally so I could see if this stuff worked. I'm now back to all natural lashes. In a meeting today, one of my coworkers was commenting again about how great and natural my eyelash extensions looked. All I did this morning was apply mascara. If I was skeptical before, I'm definitely not skeptical now.


I have been using this consistently for a year now (on my second tube) and my lashes have grown substantially. They are now super long and have gotten thicker! It’s not a miracle product because you do have to be diligent with it’s use, but the payoff is worth it. Plus, it doesn’t irritate your eyes or have any side effects


Nothing amazing. After two months of using this product religiously, I did notice some very slight results. But certainly not worth $78. On a positive note, it didn't irritate my eyes as some other lash serums have


i have super sensitive eyes and can't use Latisse and a bevy of other eyelash growth products (i've tried them all). they typically leave my entire eye irritated or at the very least my lash line purple. i've been using this product for about two weeks 2x a day, with ZERO irritation


this. stuff. works. not much else to say. I started with a sample and was applying it nightly/morning. When I already noticed a difference in the first two weeks. I decided I'd give the full size a shot - and it's a three month supply you apply once a day at night. My lashes look amazing! Truly excited about this product!


PROS: This product absolutely does work. In about a month, I can visibly see and tangibly feel longer, thicker lashes. There is no doubt that the product works. CONS: There is not much in the bottle at all. And for the hefty cost, you would expect more; you could get about a month of use if you only use it once a day


I have been known all my life for my long lashes, snds vain, but it's not, it was about all I was known for. I am now in my 70's an found my long lashes we no longer there. Started using this several months ago, and I will say there is no doubt it works


I have tried so many different lash enhancers because over the past few years my eye lashes have been falling out. I wasn't concerned about the length of my lashes but moreso the volume and wanted to grow more lashes. I was excited to try this because I've read some nice reviews on here and have seen some nice video reviews as well. I also was drawn to this because of its ingredient list and that it's suppose to be organic. I tried about 3 tubes of this product. My initial reaction was "wow I like this.: However, after about a month my eyes would get itchy after applying this. When I went to smell the product - it had gone bad. So I ordered another one and another one. I gave up after the third tube. I found that because this product has natural ingredients - it goes bad faster. Also, I didn't see any changes in by lashes. My lashes would still fall out :( So I've given up on this product but I haven't given up on finding a lash enhancer ... so my search still continues


Great product but do yourself a favor and buy the brow food instead. The thicker brush makes the application less tedious and it can go on your brows and lashes.


I'm halfway into my second purchase of LashFood, and I would have to say that while I do see some improvement in lash length, it's not profound. The other issue is that the container seems to arrive less than half full. So I often feel like very little product is dispensed, even when it's a brand new. I will not purchase again

Diva C

This product is easy to use and have a nice smell to it, also it's natural, so it doesn't bother my skin. I have bad allergies and it is nice to enjoy a product that is pure. I noticed Longer eyelashes after 3 weeks of using it every night


I have been using this product for 5 weeks and I do notice a difference in the density and length of my lashes. I have blonde eyelashes that are nearly invisible and very sensitive eyes. This product didn't bother my eyes at all and I can actually see my eyelashes when I'm not wearing mascara now. For the price point (about half the price of other serums out there), I'd say it works very well and I will be purchasing again.


I've suffered with the horrible habit of eyelash-pulling (Trichotillomania) all my life. This stuff really helps my lashes grow back quickly and fill in the bald spots!! I've also noticed that they are growing longer and thicker, as well. It works!


It does works, make your eyelash grow longer, but I there is actually not much in the bottle, I used it only several times a week and like one month, it already empty.


I've been using this for two weeks, I definitely see my lashes getting longer. But I've been feeling discomfort on both of my eyes, still thinking if i should stop using this. I'll give another month or so. But it does work.


Amazing product! It goes on smoothly and it's easy to apply to the lash line. I didn't notice any irritation, stickiness or burning like others I have tried. It takes some time, but I started to notice a difference in my lashes. I am now on my second bottle and will continue to use this enhancer!


I used this product after having eyelash extensions. It brought my lashes back to life! After one week, I noticed growth and more lash growth. This is an excellent, CLEAN ingredient product.


This product did nothing for my lashes- no change at all and I used it for 6 mo. Don't spend your money on this product. However, the weird thing was too much came out of the tube when I traveled to higher altitude and as I did not want to waste the product- I rubbed it on my eyebrows and my eyebrows definitely grew from one application. I would say the eyebrow version of this works, but not the eyelash version.


I am very pleased with this product. I started seeing a difference in my lashes with days. However, I am not a makeup wearer. I also do once in the morning, double coat for both lower and upper lids, and once before bed (same thing). Love this product.


My husband nottice the difference that's how amazing this product is, well sort of, I asked him if he felt like there was a difference on my eyelashes and he said "I don't know I can't tell since you where fake lashes everyday" my jaw dropped I haven't wore falsies in over a year!


Not a miracle worker for me but after a month of applying every morning and every evening they are fuller and a little longer. I have fairly sparse and short lashes so even a small bit helps a lot. It does irritate my eyes slightly but I have very sensitive eyes and nearly constant allergy symptoms.


I noticed a difference in my lashes in under a week. It is expensive but worth it! I had a patch of eyelashes fall out from my curler and this serum quickly fixed the broken hairs :)


My eyelashes are something that I have always had a pride in, because of their length and curl. I wanted to try this product to make them thicker or just to see some extra length in them, because let's face it, there is nothing wrong with gorgeous lashes! However, after less than two weeks using this product, I have noticed constant eyelash fallout. Aside from not seeing any growth whatsoever, my eyes are irritated and my eyelashes literally have become brittle and continue falling out.


After a month of using this product I can say that my lashes are noticeably longer. My favorite aspect of the LashFood line is that it is ALL NATURAL! I can't stress how long I have been shopping for an eyelash conditioner that I feel SAFE using on my eyelashes. I think I can get used to all of the compliments others give me on my lashes!!


I noticed growth within the first couple of days using it. Pricey but worth it, don't get any cheap stuff, as I have already tried everything. no irritation either


I wasn't bothered by the length or thickness of my lashes before purchasing this product; I only got it because of the wonderful experience I had with brow food. After three weeks of use, my eyelashes now grow to incredible heights.

Renee Reitz

I decided to try this product and l’m so happy I did! My lashes were so brittle and now they look so much healthier. Love it!!


Absolutely love this product. I wear mascara on a daily basis, and i have noticed that my lashes look fuller and longer after a few weeks of using this product. really recommend using this product if you like natural lashes


I have rather uneven eyelashes and I'm not a fan of falsies. I've been looking for something that might help them grow faster and to an even length for a while and gave this a try because it uses natural ingredients. I used this religiously everyday for about a week and my eyelashes already look fuller. It's definitely worth the price.


Using for 8weeks. Some improvement but maybe it is because I gave my lashes a break from mascara. Bottle comes half empty. Don't recommend for the price.

Rose L

Used this product for about 2 months and have seen zero results. In addition I have found this product to irritate my eyes. Unfortunately will be returning this.


I bought this because it said it was very gentle and it certainly is. I saw a small change in my lash growth. Nothing spectacular. About the same as when I purchased a cheap drug store brand.


After getting lash extensions removed my natural lashes were left short and brittle. Bought this out of desperation and it totally did it's job. My lashes were looking better after 1 week, and looked completely back to normal after about a month (daily applications). Thank you!


I really like this product. I mean, it really works for me. I boutght it when I was in the US and I lóve it ever since! I could definately notice the improvement. It did not happen over night but one can truly see the difference. The only Thing I really don't like is the Price... I mean it is way too expensive.

Beyonce Better

I bought this because I am not a fan of Latisse anymore. I have extensions and want to make sure my lashes are healthy. My natural lashes seemed to be shorter and less dense than usual lately. This stuff really WORKS. And it worked fast. In 6 weeks I saw a huge improvement.


I've been using this on my eyelashes and in sparse areas of my brows for a little over a month. My lashes just seem stronger, not necessarily fuller or longer. But I swear my brows have really grown in. I wish I'd taken before and after photos


I use this product once before bed. I have noticed my lashes are fuller after using it for three weeks. I can now also remove my mascara without losing a ton of eyelashes. Overall I am happy with my purchase


Best invention ever! The first similar products had nasty side effects like darkening of the eyes. This is all natural and totally safe. My lashes are thicker, longer, and more full. I felt compelled to write a review because it's working so well


I've been using this faithfully for almost a month now with no change in my lashes. I used PTR before and got great results but I figured I could save a few dollars buying LashFood. Instead I wasted my money.


I got this as a gift, used for 1 month and barely got any result.. going back to my Carelash Platinum. That stuff grows crazy long lashes and thick full eyebrows in only 2 weeks. Dont waste your money on this girls...

Rama M

Bought as gift for sister - big mistake - now she hates me. At first she loved the product and experienced lash growth. But one day all of her lashes on both eyes just fell out. She hadn't used the complete tube yet. She is particular about products and prefers natural ingredients - one reason I chose this. I know she uses Bare Mineral face powder because it's more natural. She didn't appreciate her lashes falling out.

Twisted Kitty

I have used Lashfood on my lashes and brows for 3 months. Like many other reviewers, I was recommended this because it is safer for sensitive eyes. I started to notice new growth in my brows after a few weeks, even at the head of my brows, where I had over plucked 25 years ago! It took much longer for my lashes, but they are definitely longer and thicker now.

Rosa Rodger

i have seen such a huge improvement with my lashes after using this product! definitely would recommend to anyone looking to improve their lash game!


I've been using this enhancer day and night for about 3 weeks now; I think my lash grow a bit longer and thicker and fuller, but not very noticeable. I don't know if it's just placebo effect for me......On the other hand, I'm surprised that it seems very few serum left in the bottle. I wonder if it's only supposed to last for about 4 weeks of twice usage per day ? I'm thinking about repurchase to give it more time to take effect. After all, it doesn't irritate my eyes and I really hope this would work on me ! Maybe it just needs more time..


I've been using the serum on my top and bottom eye lashes every night for about 6 weeks. I started noticing my lashes getting longer after about 4 weeks and they're still growing.


The enhancer seems to be effective, but it’s hard to determine when it has been applied to the area. I used it for about two weeks but it felt like I was overusing and wasting some product because I wasn’t sure if I applied it evenly. I’m taking a break from it for now, but will return when I get mad about thin lashes again. :)

Brittney K

I’ve been using this product for a month now and have seen no difference in thickness or length. Sometimes I use it twice a day. It does cause a slight irritation when I first apply it but it goes away. I would not recommend this product

Swede Girl

I have been using this serum every night for 8 weeks now, in conjunction with the LashFood mascara primer. I don't feel there has been a significant enough change in the length, thickness or darkness of my lashes to purchase this serum again. If anything, the primer makes a bigger impact on the look of my lashes, but then is washed off when I remove my eye makeup at night. This serum did not cause any irritation, and one tube has lasted quite a while, but that doesn't cut it for me. I'm going to try Latisse next.

Melisa Jones

This product is incredible!!!! Growing up I always had amazing lashes, but in the past five years they aren't as full. I tried another brand, but had a horrible reaction. So thought I'd go the natural route! I can't believe how amazing this is, my lashes look as good as they did in my twenties! I am so grateful! I will never let my lashes starve again!!!

Jenny B

Ok I have tried everything out there to make my lashes thicker and longer (even latisse) and I REALLY love this product. The results are natural but noticeable. My lashes are more filled out and even and mascara goes on so much easier.


No results after 8 months of use

Coral Gold

I bought this product in the hopes that it would help with eyelash growth and thickening. After 2 months of use there was absolutely no change. Don't waste your money.

Reily H

been using this for about 3 weeks now and see no change, other than that my right eye seems to be itchy a lot. not sure if it is from the serum... so hoping to see some results, this stuff is expensive! it hardly feels like it is coming out (not much at all on the wand) but it stings a bit, so i know i am putting it on. so hoping to see some results, but not yet. would like to use the mascara as well, but i really try to stay chemical free and so I stick with my 100% pure mascara. maybe i would see a difference if i used the mascara?


This works really well. REALLY well. but, there's only about a month and a bit worth of product in the container. i was surprised to be at the bottom of the container so soon. it's half the amount compared to comparable.

Mia B

I just love this product. I received it as a sample with a different purchase and it lasted me over a month. I only used it once at night. My lashes used to fall out ALL the time, especially when I would take off my mascara. Now they are STRONG and visibly full. I can happily say my lashes DO NOT fall out anymore!


I received a full size bottle for Christmas. I've always had long lashes and didn't think I needed to use an eyelash enhancer. But let me tell you, ever since I've been using Lashfood's enhancer, my lashes are thicker and definitely fuller! I'm obsessed with it and need to get a new bottle soon.

Beki Beauty

This product is great!! It made my lashes fuller and longer . I was able to tell a difference within a few weeks. I put it on a night and let it do its magic! I would definitely recommend it :)


No fuller lashes, or thicker, or longer. Totally wasted money :-(


I've been using close to 3 weeks and have seen no change, I'm following the directions accordingly but nothing has happened, the product does sting if it gets in my eyes, I will continue to use to make a full assessment but for this much money I'd expect to see something by now, I won't waste my money on this again.


I was skeptical about this product because of the price tag but after having a bad reaction to eyelash extensions, I needed something that was gentle to help nurse my lashes back to health, naturally. The results were subtle at first. I noticed that my that my lashes seemed mode sense. After the 4-5th week I did noticed that my lashes were longer, fuller and more dense vs sparse areas due to lash extensions).


I have used other lash enhancers such as Babe Lash but it burned my eyes days after I wore it once. After only two weeks I saw my lashes longer. People always think I have eyelash expenses. Will definitely keep buying.

Vic B

I’m obsessed with this product! I’ve used revitalash in the past which did make my lashes longer, but the side effects were not worth it (redness, irritation). Once I weaned myself off of that I wanted to try a more “natural” alternative, and so I gave lashfood a shot. I wouldnt say my lashes grew longer as of now (I have only been using it for a little over a month), but they look so much healthier and stronger, AND I haven’t had any side effects!

Happily Jay

I have always had long lashes but after kids and getting older my lashes weren't as long and full as they were when I was in my teens and my 20s. After reading the reviews I decided to buy it and try it myself. Also, I wanted to try this product because I'm wary about getting lash extensions, as I don't want to cause any of my natural lashes to fall out. After just 2 weeks I noticed my lashes feeling longer! And after about 6 weeks I noticed them feeling fuller and even getting compliments on my lashes.

Gerald G

I usually don't write reviews but I had to for this product. I was super skeptical to buy this considering the price, but I had just got my lash extensions off and I was desperate! it's been about two weeks of use and my lashes are sooo long. they're noticeably thicker and fuller and I love this product.

Chariss M

LOVE this product!!! For those of you who aren’t blessed with beautiful long lashes like me, this product is a must have!!! I can’t believe what a difference it makes!!! I have been using it for a few months now and the difference is very noticeable!


Amazing product worth buying for sure!!

Lee L

I have done research on LashFood and Latisse. Since you need a doctor's prescription for Latisse I thought I would try the "natural" approach first. Instructions indicate to put it onto the base of your lash line once a day. It goes on easily and feels cool until it absorbs/dries. It's been over 4 weeks and I really think it works! My lashes have grown longer faster than usual.

Allie A

I was skeptical at first about trying it because of the it hit it or miss it reviews. However, after using it for a month and a half I can say it made my eyelashes grow faster than it would alone. I have been using eye lash extensions for over 2 years and never gave it break it had destroyed my eyelashes. This is helping me slowly recover it.


I have been using Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer every single night for almost 5 months.


I feel like the product is working but I don't use it consistently because when it dries at the beginning of my eyelash line it leaves a dry residue. When I still had eyelash extensions it was hard to remove the residue, now that I don't have them anymore I can use a little coconut oil or makeup remover.


I got this product as a sample and I am so happy I didn't spend money on it. This is an expensive product, so, as a rule; I'd like if it did any of the things it claims to do. Naturally, I was very disappointed after two weeks of usage and no visible changes. I used the sample product until it was empty and I noticed no changes. I will not be purchasing this product. Maybe if it were a free sample I will make another effort to try it but, I will not spend money on it.


So I was looking for lash food after taken my individuals lashes off and felt like my own lashes were taken off because of wearing them for so long, so when I came across this product I decided to give it a try. Even though it’s only been a month I feel like my lashes are coming back stronger and getting healthier to wear I can apply mascara so I’m definitely looking forward to the next four weeks to see more improvement.


Really the product is natural and useful for everyone. I loved the product. I highly recommended the product to all!


Bought this is a present for my lady and won brownie points. She's granola and isn't ito chemicals or harsh ingredients. I won Christmas.


I absolutely love this product. It is something every girl should have in their daily beauty regimen. You can see a more noticeable difference when you use the serum with the mascara.


It did nothing for my lashes. I used it religiously until the product ran out. No difference at all.


I really did not like the strong floral scent, not sure how long I will even use this because of the scent. I hoped since it was to be used by the eye it would have less irritating properties.


This is essentially the same as putting castor or olive oil on your lashes....it encourages growth but it's not an amazing product. I saw slow growth...and honestly had better luck using this product on my brows

Alicia Star

I've been using this product 1-2 times per day in addition to the lash primer and mascara. I've seen only a very small improvement in lash length- only perceivable by me. I would not recommend trying this if you truly want to grow your lashes.


I have blonde short eye lashes and have tried many enhancers but until now have not found one that worked. I've been using it for about 3 months and just recently notice an improvement, so you have to be patient. It's not miracle by any means but my lashes are definitely longer and even thicker.


I've always done treatments for every surface of my body: Then I saw that their was one for my lashes. I was sold on the natural aspect of this product and here I am two months later and living my results. I was patient and use it as directed and I'm really thankful I did. My lashes look more youthful and I'm thinking of getting them semi permanently curled now because they're so long.

Imnar Lee

Works great! But Not sure if this is just me, but I've noticed that when I put it on before bed I have crazy dreams/nightmares. Some nights I fall asleep and forget to put it on and no dreams. Hmmm.


I have had this product for a month. It is awesome using everyday, I am bad at that. I have good Lash days and Bad Lash days! haha ;) I always have a good lash day when I put LashFood on the night before!....My Mascara GOES ON BETTER THAN EVER! That SALES ITSELF!


On the first time I applied the product, my lashes instantly grew! I applied this product about 15 times and I see that my lashes has grown twice as long as before.


Ce sérum est de loin ce qui se fait de mieux sur le marché Mes cils sont mon orgueil depuis toujours et j'ai 59 ans Pour en avoir essayé beaucoup de Latisse à Peter Tomas Roth . Je vous le recommande mille fois


I bought this Product a few weeks ago and as of now my eye lashes have grown longer and fuller. I recommend this product for anybody who wants their eye lashes longer!

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