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 LiLash claims to nourish the lash follicle to promote the enhanced appearance of length, thickness and curl.

 We like that LiLash offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, and that the company is transparent, including its full ingredient listing on the website. We appreciate when an eyelash serum manufacturer stands behind its product.

 However, testers did not see a significant improvement in lash thickness and curl as promised. Though LiLash eyelash booster does condition and nourish lashes, we had hoped for more dramatic results.

LiLash Pros

Nourishes the hair follicle to support lash condition and lash growth
The company includes a comprehensive ingredient list on its website
90-day money back guarantee

LiLash Cons

Testers did not see the improvement in curl that the company advertises

The company does not provide clinical testing results or data

It’s expensive: $90 for just two milliliters of product (that’s about $40 per milliliter)

LiLash Customer Reviews


I have been using Lilash for about 18 months & I wouldn't be without it.I took photos before I started using the product & I'm still amazed by the difference it has made to my lashes,


I used this Lilash eyelash purified serum but I stopped because it did ruin my eyes. My eyelashes look better and look fuller but I ended up using the very expensive eye drops to lower the ocular pressure of my eyes. My eye pressure was good when I went to my Eye doctor but when I started using this Lilash in a matter of weeks my Ocular pressure went up to 30's.


I decided to try out an eyelash serum to have better lashes. I researched plenty thinking I had found the best bet, but oh boy, I was beyond WRONG! At first, nothing was really going wrong; I didn't have itchy eyes, redness, or inflammation. Week 2, leading into day 10, my eyes had yellow spotting on the conjunctiva(top layer of eye protecting the sclera aka whites of your eyes). At the end of day 13, I noticed something was very off with my eyes, my conjunctiva now has WRINKLES. My eyes have always been complimented as looking as though they were made out of pure glass for how smooth and white they were and this product has DAMAGED my eyes(I am only 21, so no this is not a gradual aging problem).


Amazing stuff. Get asked if i'm wearing falsies a lot. couldn't recommend enough!


Disappointed. Been following the instructions for 3 months now and haven't seen any difference. My lashes are neither longer nor thicker.


I've always been self conscious about my lack of eyelashes and how short they were until I heard about a product that could help me. The price was high but I saw so many good reviews I thought why not. the first few weeks I noticed no change then all of a sudden after week 3 my eyelashes grew long, thick and they're so strong.


I have no idea why people are giving this product positive reviews. I bought the real product, not the eBay one and have been using it religiously and generously twice a day for over a month. When I say I've seen zero results I mean nothing has happened at all. I just threw it away and will be going back to Latisse. I hate that Latisse is a greedy pharma product that forced RevitaLash to change their product but there just isn't another option. Don't try the All Day Pharmacy glaucoma drops either as those do not work.’


Used it nightly, then every other day for over 2 months. Nil, Nothing. It didn't do a thing for my lashes!


I have always had long think lashes until I started getting eyelash extensions that left my lashes very damaged.
I was left with tiny lashes that would always break easily, my lashes would grow in different directions too.
After using this product every night daily I noticed results in one week.


So I used this for a couple of months because it was a little cheaper than Latisse. It' gives "ok" results but I still think Latisse is the best product for results. Since Latisse is so expensive I've been purchasing the generic from LatisseLashess.com and have been having great results. Lilash is good but in my opinion Latisse or the generic Latisse works the best.

Mom of 2

I have had trouble losing lashes for about 12 years now, have tried several different things, nothing works. I have been using lilash for almost 4 weeks, when I started using it I had a big bald spot in each eye, My bald spots have not grown back, but my other lashes are not falling out or getting worse, I think that they are even a little longer.

Yakima C

You need to have a lot of patience to wait and see how this product will work on you. To date I can see some improvement after 2 weeks usage. Be willing to hang in there. I hung in there and my lashes are longer and a little thicker..2 months later. But there is random itching. I agree that the older you are, results may be slower and more limited.

Mrs McGyver

So disappointed in Lilash! Used it for a year with amazing results, now it barely maintains only a slight improvement in the length, thickness and dark color of my lashes. Have reverted back to curling eyelashes and wearing a 2nd coat of mascara. Rats. Wondered if the product formulation changed or if my lashes built up a resistance to the product? Guess I'll find another product... Hate to experiment on a product so expensive!


I just want to make it clear that I wasn't able to apply the product as regularly as I would like to and it was probably the reason why my lashes are falling out. But the thing is, I was expecting for this to make my lashes stronger, thus preventing premature fall-out and promoting lashes' maximum length. I didn't know the effect was temporary. Also, it was not that the lashes were already too long so they just fell out. My lashes didn't lengthen, just weaken.


Old, half strength. Quit buying for that reason


So, I've been using this product for almost a year now. It wasn't 'til like the 3rd or 4th, maybe even 5th month where I started noticing anything. I thought for sure I wasted tons and tons of money on it. So, here's the pros and cons. Pros: -It works -It made my eyelashes longer -It's easy to apply Cons: -It seems to somehow go into a stage every once in a while, where it looks like my eyelashes are getting shorter, and it stays like that for a good week even if I've been applying it daily. -I notice my eyes get irritated and red easily whilst taking it.


I was really skeptical about this product, but I was desperate, so after reading some of the other reviews, I decided to try it just once. I was down to only a few skimpy wisps, and I never used mascara because I was afraid more eyelashes would fall out. Fast forward a couple of months: I now have really long, lush eyelashes. I still can't believe this product worked until I look in the mirror.

Houston Mom

The first day I used it, my eyes were a little red and irritated, but not unbearable. After the 1st day of use, I haven't had anymore redness or irritation. I also read the comments about sometimes changing the color of blue eyes to blue eyes with brown speckles. I have blue eyes and thankfully have not seen a change in their color. I love this product.

Traci A

This is such a great product. I have hazel eyes and it has not effected the "green tone" that I have. As a matter of fact, it has brought MORE attention to my almond shaped eyes and made them POP with the longer lashes. I have had very little irritation (just a dry feeling when I wake up in the AM)and nothing else. It took about 4 weeks to REALLY see a thickening in my lashes and now at 5 weeks they are beginning to look longer as well.


I used Lilash when it was only $60 last year and it did work.I got some puffy eye but it went away after a couple days of not using. Now they doubled the price and its just NOT worth it. Latisse, the main brand, cost the same and it comes with disposable applicator to avoid contamination and irritation. Whats the point of risking your eye with something not FDA approved that will irritate you if you aren't saving money?


I purchased this product in mid-November after an acquaintance raved about it. Well..I have used it now for a month and do not see one bit of difference in the length or fullness of my lashes. I should have saved my money and gone for the FDA approved Latisse. I don't recommend this product, however I will continue to use it until it is gone. If I start to see any changes I will post again.


I know this product works as my sister uses it and she now has amazing eyelashes. I had to stop using it after about a week as my eyes became very itchy and red. It was not worth it to me, to continue using it.


Product was advertised to make a big difference in eyelash appearance. It was ranked as high as Latisse for results achieved on the website. I have not used Latisse but this seems to just be an eyelash conditioner. Overall I am ok with the results given the price and how long the LiLash is supposed to last (at least 4 months). My lashes do not appear to be thicker just overall better conditioned, not as brittle.


I started looking for a eyelash stimulator after extensions left my lash line bald. LiLash had the most positive reviews, so I tried it. I did see my lashes filling in, but then again, they were going to grow anyway. No negative side effects at all. I was/am nervous about the authenticity of the product, I would buy directly from LiLash if I were to reorder.

Laurie H

No results so far... but no bad side effects either. I'll keep hoping


I looooove Lilash! I've been a user for about 2 years & I constantly receive compliments about my amazingly loooooong eye lashes. My friends joke that pretty soon I'll be able to fly with these babies! lol


I strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting to grow their eyelashes to their fullest potential. Turns out my potential is extremely good! ;)


I've used this product for over a year, and it is far superior to Revitalash. I only use it every other day, so the tube lasts for 6 months, making it not very expensive. I don't get irritation unless i put on too much, and I have very sensitive eyes. The most important thing is to not do the "some is good, more is better" thing with this product. It isn't!

Kristina Smith

I was skeptical about lash growing products but after reading other reviews I decided to try this. I have to say that I am very pleased with this product and it really does make your lashes grow thicker and longer. I wore fake lashes for years and basically ruined my own. I am going on a trip to Europe and did not want to wear my fake lashes on the trip. Lilash has made my own lashes come back in thicker and so far they continue to grow in length but it is still too soon to know the complete results.


I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and there is a HUGE difference in my eyelashes. I had used this product a few years back and had great results at that time. I tried something cheaper the next time and there was no comparison. LiLash definitely outperformed the cheaper substitute. If you want real results, stick with LiLash.

Diane K

I have just started using this product. At first, I had some itching on my eyelids but no longer. No swelling, no side effects. Just started no results yet. A friend of mine uses this product and her eyelashes are beautiful. She is very blue eyes and has had no change in color.


I purchased LiLash after a friend had amazing results. I LOVE IT!!! I have people ask me everyday if I have lash extensions or fake lashes! It took about 3-4 weeks to start seeing results, but by the 6th week.....look out! I've purchased LiLash for my mom and my aunt because they couldn't believe how long my lashes have gotten

Sheila Wilson

After reading reviews that LiLash is the best on the market as eye lash stimulators, I am disappointed that after using it for one month, still nothing! I had previously tried Revitalash and had way better results! I'm going back to revitalash!


The first time I bought this product over a year ago, it worked great! The second time I got it a month ago it is not so good...they must have changed the ingredients...I am switching to Nourishlash.


I have used Li-lash before and was so very happy with my long lashes. But when I saw this cheap price which was nearly 1/2 price from the one I purchased before, I ordered it. It is a imitation I do believe. Same bottle and everything, but it is like I am not even using it. My lashes are back to normal short length and yes I have been using it for a couple of months. It doesn't even feel like the Li-Lash that I ordered before. So now I don't know what to do

Karen R

I have been using this for four weeks now and I am very disappointed that there have been no results at all. I was counting on the "guaranteed" results but it just has no effect on me. now I am waiting on a refund.


LiLash is great! It did take a week or two of using it to kick in, but once it did my lashes were super long and manageable! I have also used Latisse and switched to LiLash because my dermatologist switched. I like it better than Latisse for the price alone. Latisse costs more than LiLash and you only get a tiny bottle of it that lasts about 30 days.


Lilash did work for me and i did no experience any crazy side effecs at all, only a little redness on my eye lid but it went away after a while.I have tried this product last year and after one month and a half my lashes where extremly longer than they were before.


When I used lilash for the first time 3 weeks ago, I found irritation and redness around my eyes on the following whole day. Therefore I stopped to use the product and began to search the relevant reports. One report which is helpful to me is that many women made complaints on this product is due to incorrect use. Finally I realized that I put too much lilash on my lashline which caused the irritation and redness.


This is the second time i bought this product, works well, it takes about a month for me to see results, im using only once at night, because my eyes get little red. It stings a little right when i put it on, but goes away withing few minutes . I would recommended it to others, it does what it suppose to do.


I purchased my 1st bottle on 12/15, then went out of town for New Year's, and accidentally left it where we stayed, so I had to purchase another one on 1/16, and still haven't seen a difference yet.

Alicia Knaf

My product NEVER ARRIVED! I e-mailed, called and then had to argue with the salesperson - who suggested that I chase down my mail carrier! I ORDER ON LINE ALL THE TIME AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO DISAPPOINTED! It took way too much time and energy to get this issue resolved -- I WOULD RATHER HAVE HAD THE PRODUCT.

Momma Buck

I havent noticed anything yet. I have been using it since the day I bought it and I havent noticed any growth in my lashes yet.


I decided to try Lilash after using several eyelash stimulating products that delievered very little--if any--results. In the beginning, I did experience some minor itching on the application sites but this discomfort diminshed after regular use. I must admit, after using the product for 3 weeks, I started to see some amazing results--longer and fuller lashes. However, about after 1 month, I started to experience this massive shedding of my lashes on both eyes.

Mist M

Works great my lashes are thicker and fuller however, there are some side effects worth noting. After using it, my eyelids get red and the skin begins to peel, making my eyelid sting when putting on liquid eyeliner. Lilash also caused me to produce more eyelashes above my natural eyelash line so its a little harder to put on eyeliner evenly because the extra stray eyelash hairs would get in the way. For some reason my left eyelashes are thicker and longer then my right eyelashes. I have used Latisse prior and did not experience any of these problems I have with Lilash.


I don't understand all these good reviews. I received this product as a gift for Christmas and have used it faithfully since. It has been two months and I do not see any results at all. I was not negatively affected by the product, such as itching, burning, etc. All I saw was "nothing." No results at all! Save your money and don't buy this product.


after 2 days of using Lilash that i purchased directly from Lilash my eyes became swollen and very red and also ichy. I'm sure everyone thought i had pink eye it was so embarrassing and uncomfortable i have not used again. I have used Revitalash and did not have these reactions but also did not have much results.

Mary Stoway

I was excited to try this product but stopped because I developed dark brown circles under my eyes. I have heard that others also experience this. Luckily I bought it through a vendor that would take it back.


I have been using this product for about a month now. Before lilash i had very short thin asian lashes. I've only started seeing results on the 4th week. At first I was being very impatient and thought it was a waste of money but really after seeing my eyelashes now I have no regrets buying this product.

Renee H

I've been using LiLash for about 6 weeks now, and there is a big difference in my eyelashes. They are noticeably longer. I really like this product. The product did not irritate my eyes at all. I highly recommend this product.

Sandra Bob

This is the second time I have tried LiLash. The first time it worked well but after reading a review on another product I tried that after my tube of LiLash was gone. Mistake!! LiLash definitely is the best eyelash stimulator for me. Really works I will stick with this product


I was given info. on this product by a co-worker so I decided to try it out. I've been using it for 1 month and can really see the difference - it really works. No adverse side effects.


I have been using it for almost a year now. It took about a month to see fantastic results. Now I only use the product about 4 times a week and I am sure that I could back off using it even that much. Okay, yes you may get a slight pink line where you are putting the product but it gets covered with makeup and my eyelashes look so long and people have commented on how long my eyelashes are.


I love Lilash. Never had good eyelashes in my life, unless they were glued on, until I began using this product. It is also easy to use and does not irritate eyes. Results are quite amazing, however, you do have to keep using it to maintain.


This stuff works!! It took about 2-3 months, but once you notice it is working, the result is remarkable. Make sure to take "before" picture, and take again after each month to see the result!


I have been using this product for 2 years, and I like it because not only are my lashes longer, they are stronger. My lashes seem to fall out frequently when I am not using the product.


The lure of having long, dark, beatiful eyelashes without makeup made made me throw caution out the window! I read plenty of reveiws on LiLash and I couldn't find any concerning intolerance to the product. I can't possibly be the only one with eyes that are so sensitive as to not be able to use it? My advice is to make sure you read the fine print on the return policy of where you buy LiLash from, so if you do have problems with it, you will be able to get your money back.


Librow does work, but, it has a horrible side effect. One of the ingredients in Librow, the same one that's used for treating glaucoma), causes hair to grow under your eyebrows, over your eyebrows, to the side of your eyebrows and even directly under your eyes! I have had to spend hundreds of dollars on electrolysis so user beware.

Rachael Nicole

I used this product for 8 weeks everyday sometimes twice a day and I definitely noticed my eyelashes seemed fuller within the first week of using it. After the 8 weeks I did not notice much improvement in length. I got a free sample of latisse from my doctor and used it three times and noticed a huge improvement in the length only after 3 uses!

Joanna Saw

I've been using this product for a year and two months now and I am more than happy with the results. As long as you don't go overboard on its application and get it directly in your eye, there really isn't a problem. I wear contacts, as do two of my girlfriends who I've brought over to the Lilash side of the force, and all three of us are happy and long lashed! Seriously, no side effects felt yet. Hopefully there won't be any too.


LiLash has definitely made a noticeable change in my eyelashes. My eyelashes are significantly longer and I receive compliments all of the time. The product has not worked to make them thicker, only longer. You must use it everyday for the best results. I also tried Revitalash and saw no results. I think you should experiment with a few choices to find the best fit for you.


This product does work for me. I don't have any irritation or other side effects. After using it for the 90-day initial period I had great lashes, but when I quit using it altogether my lashes fell out again. I tried purchasing other similar products, some even more expensive, but they didn't work and irritated my eyes.


This is the second time I have ordered Lilash. It is truly an amazing product that does what it claims to. My results have been excellent and I intend to continue using and recommending Lilash.

Tara R

I have been putting it on religiously everyday for a couple of weeks according to the instructions and nothing so far. However, in all fairness, I think it is too early to tell. I'll use it all up and hope for the best. I used Latisse for over a month with no results.

Bob D

This lash grower is wonderful. Works better than I could imagine and it lasts a long time. An excellent value for the price and the shipping was super-fast.


2nd time I've purchased this brand of lash growth stimulator and it really works. I've tried others for more money that did nothing. This is totally worth every penny!


After using it for once, I have to stop because both of my eyelids became swollen and painful. It took a few days to heal. I hope I could get my refund.


I have used lilash for the past 2 years. Some irritate my eyes while others feel safe and comfortable. Don’t know why.


Have been using LiLash every night several weeks now and do not see any difference in my lashes. Will give it more time. It is expensive to not really work.

Cosmo Mom

After faithfully using this product as instructed for over 3 weeks now, I have not seen a significant change in my lashes. My eyes do get red and twitch sometimes, but no long lashes.


I was a bit skeptical, but after several weeks of use li'lash has made my lashes thicker, darker, and longer. I have experienced no side effects, and will buy the product again

Nancy P

To my surprise I could see an improvement in about two weeks. I have been using it about three now and my eyelashes are already longer and a little thicker - but definitely longer. The first night or two my eyes felt sensitive and a little red in the morning, so I skipped using it one night, started again and it has been fine since.


This eyelash stimulator works like a dream. Just follow the directions and you will have fuller, longer, curlier eyelashes. You should start noticing changes after about 6 weeks and then at l2 weeks you will be amazed.


I had really short stubby lashes all my life ..so i read about LiLash and decided to give it a try it took about 2 Months before i really noticed they got long i was really liking what i saw and when i wore mascara my friends thought i had fake eye lashes on. i used 2 tubes already and stopped using it about 7 months ago . The only problem is it made my eye lids much darker people think i have eye shadow on . The color of the lids is like a darkish brown bronze it does not look bad and i get asked all th time what eye shadow i wear but i am afraid to use it because i dont want them darker .. i am a caramel complextion so really dark eye lids I DONT THINK SO ..so im updating 7 months later and my lashes aren't as long as they were when i was using the product. Never went back to the way they used to be thank god but not as long as they were when i was using the product . Hope my review is helpful =)


I made my purchase after reading several reviews here and on makeupalley, and I've experienced pretty much every side effect (with the exception of pigment change). I started using LiLash mid-December and have been using it once, every night. It does cause mild irritation but only right after application. So, I recommend those with sensitive eyes to use it before bedtime since it does turn your eyes red (or at least I had that result).


I have used Revitalash in the past with NO side effects and got amazing results. LiLash I cannot yet say if it works but the pain and suffering in the mean time is NOT worth it. Upon application I feel like I have Vaseline caked around my eyes, when I awake in the morning it appears that I pulled an all nighter smoking pot my eyes are red and veiny and they burn and I feel like I didn't even get adequate sleep because my freaking eyes burn all day.


I was excited to try this product as all my friends were raving about it saying it was as good as the perscription kind but cheaper. So I ordered and have been using it for 5 1/2 weeks and do not see any growth. My eyelashes do look darker but that is all. I noticed my product said "stimulator" and my friends product said "serum" so maybe I got the wrong kind. I am not all impressed with this product.


I was skeptical at first but now I am not. I tried another product because it was cheaper but was very disappointed so I went back to LiLash. It really does work. My lashes are now much longer. My friends have noticed and asked if they were fake or did I have lash extensions and were amazed to learn that they were all mine. I love this product because it does exactly what it says it will.

Jan Wilson

I ordered this product about three months ago. I used it twice a day, and after about three weeks I noticed a difference. I could tell my lashes were a bit longer. Now after three months my lashes are really long and fuller too! I can't tell you how much better my lashes look.

Princess J

Not sure this is working. Maybe I've not given it enough time. I've been using it now for about 4 weeks and haven't noticed much difference. Maybe a little longer lashes on the right eye but not the left. I've used Latese before which made a lot of my eyelashes fall out. What did grow, grew in nice and long but I had lots of bare spots. At least I've got all my eyelashes intact with LiLash. I'll give it a little longer and see what happens.

Sassy S

After using Revitalash for about 2 years I felt as if my lashes were getting use to the product already. I read great reviews of LiLash and how it doesn't sting like others. Unfortunately, I feel like everytime I wake up in the morning, my whole eyelid is red and itchy. I was only using it 3 times a week, but had to stop an entire week. I hope this will eventually be less painful.


I used LiLash for 2 weeks. My eyelids started itching so I discontinued use. It is now one week later and my lids still itch, are red and swollen. My lashes are more sparse and are falling out. I am devastated! I hope LiLash has not permanently damaged my lashes. Can any one share if they had this reaction ... if so...when will the itching and swelling stop and will my lashes grow back in?

Chan F

I started using Lilash 2 days ago and I have dark circles under my eyes, a dark line appears where I apply the product and my eyelids are red and irritating. Also when I apply it, my skin is kind a itchy... According the Lilash webpage, the irritation could decrease if I reduce the frequency of use, so maybe I will use it every 2-3 days. but if the symtoms continue, I wont risk to have dark circles for long lashes. it does not worth it!!! BTW, Revitalash also leave dark circles!


I bought 2 one for me and one for my mother after a few days we both had to quit using it because our eyes would barely open from the welling and rash.

Joyce O

I've been using this product faithfully for about 4 weeks, and so far, I can't see any difference. I'll stick with it, but so far, I'm not impressed.


It takes a little, like a month for you to see this product is amazing, u don't need mascara anymore.

Tabby T

OMG! I love my lashes after lilash. And it came really fast in the mail. It takes a while for the results to show about 1 month, but I am so happy now. I ran out of lilash a while ago but the results have lasted for months. I even used it to grow my eyebrows back.

Linda H

LiLash is amazing! My estetician recommended LiLash. I must say that I was very very skeptical. There are so many beauty products out there that offer incredible results and they dissapoint every time. My eye lashes were short and light but after using LiLash for 3 weeks I started to notice that my eyelashes were getting longer! I told all my friends about LiLash.


Didn't notice any changes after almost a month of usage. In addition have had eyelashes falling out, that never happened before. Don't think I would buy it again.


This product did not work for me. I have tried a few others since then and they do work...This is a big waste of money.


Bought this and have been using for a few weeks. No effect whatsoever, which is unbelievable considering the price. Think twice before purchasing this. May not be worth it at all.

Joyce H

Lilash works well, no real issues, some itchiness at first and intermittently,but the thicker longer lashes well worth the itch. Personally, I still use the product with religion, and have beautiful lashes, but I hear if you stop, they fall out and leave you with stubs.

Vera B

Does exactly what it says it does.... longer lashes.... now that my lashes are longer than ever before I use the product once a week to maintain it, so I am pleased. I know there are cheaper products out there, but as I already KNOW that this one works I don't bother to change and experiment with cheaper ones.


I just purchased my second bottle of LiLash, I can not wait to get it! I have received so many compliments on my lashes since I started using it. I will buy at least 4 times a year. I have had no side effects. I have light green eyes and they stayed that way after an entire bottle of lilash.


Did not like at all. It dries on your lashes overnight in a crusty form. When you wake up in the morning you have to scrape it off your lashes, which made mine soar, and some of them fall out. It needs to be more watery form when going on.


I expected great things from Lilash since a colleague of mine has been using it and has crazy long lashes now. My lashes are medium to slightly long and look pretty decent with mascara on but are thin and not very dark. Since my lashes aren't very short to begin with I thought they would respond quickly and do well and they haven't. I had eye twitching in my left eye for about 2 weeks. That went away, but my usually dry eyes have been much dryer and much more red. It's now 8, yes, EIGHT weeks and I have seen no change at all! I mean are you kidding me?? My hair grows kinda slow so I thought, maybe that's why it's taking so long but I just don't think anything is going to happen for me except more dry, red eyes! I want to finish the tube b/c it cost so much and to see if by chance something happens at the 3 month mark but I know it won't so why suffer?


I used to use the pre-2008 formulation of Revitalash, which I loved. My lashes were very dense,long and beautiful. In 2008, the formula was changed, and I found it didn't work as before. So I tried Li Lash based on the reviews. It works, but not as I had hoped. I naturally have sparse eyelashes, and all Li Lash does is make the lashes I have longer, which looks really weird. Revitalash filled in the sparse areas; I had lashes growing where there were no lashes before. Now I literally have 8-10 moderately long lashes on either eye. It doesn't even help to put on volumizing mascara. I guess it is an ok product if you have dense lashes that are just short. Can't really recommend, otherwise.

Brenda J

LiLash works - I love this product. It makes your your lashes longer and stronger. My only problem: the $20 off repeat purchase coupon did not come off my last order.


I really like this product. It works and it arrived in a timely manner. Thanks

Morgan P

Great product! Does exactly what it says it will. My eyelashes are finally getting long and thick. I definitely recommend it to anyone with sparse lashes.

Kathie R

This Lilash is the best product on the market for stimulating eyelash growth and thickness. It is amazing and I have see results like never before. This product works. My eyelashes are twice as long and thick. Who needs false eyelashes! Thank you so much


This product definitely works! It took a while to see real growth (2-3 mo) but once my lashes started growing, the results were amazing. I was loving my new lashes when I noticed my eyes were drying out (I wear contacts so dry eyes can be very irritating). At times my left eye would lightly twitch. I stopped using the product and the dryness and irritation stopped. In the meantime, I noticed my eyelids were darker and in fact my husband commented on me wearing eye shadow one day when in fact I was not wearing any makeup at all!

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