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neuLASH is a popular eyelash enhancer serum formulated with polypeptides, hyaluronic acid and conditioning ingredients to fortify lashes. It also contains pumpkin seed extract, which is rich in lash-essential vitamins and minerals.

We had to do some digging since the company does not post its complete list of ingredients online. What we found: Like some of the other top eyelash serum products we tested, its ingredients may cause unwanted side effects. neuLASH contains a prostaglandin analog, which has been shown to cause sensitivity, change in iris color, drooping of the eyelids and even infection. This ingredient, along with other types of prostaglandins, is banned in Canada.

NeuLash Pros

Contains botanical ingredients and peptides
Hyaluronic acid helps to condition eyelashes, so they are stronger against breakage
Contains a unique ingredient, pumpkin seed extract, with iron and zinc minerals
The company offers a 90-day return policy

NeuLash Cons

Contains a prostaglandin analog that has been shown to cause potentially severe side effects and adverse results, including thinning lashes

The company does not disclose its full list of ingredients

The company does not provide a clear statement on animal testing

It is one of the more expensive products tested ($150 for six milliliters)

NeuLash Customer Reviews


This made my eye very painfully irritated and red all day long !


I used this for two days and my eyes started swelling up, not to mention it also gave me pink eye. Which I honestly have no idea how that happened bc it didn’t even go in my eye. And for the cherry on top I don’t have sensitive eyes and I’ve never had this happen to me with any other lash growing serum


It works! I could see results in a few weeks but after a few months my eyelashes were very long and looked amazing. I applied at night to only top lashes. I did get the dryness side effect but nothing that couldn't be fixed by drops and it improved after a week or two


I got individual eyelash extensions in December and although they looked great, they fell out fairly quickly and left my eyelashes sparse and patchy. My hairdresser recommended this product and now I barely have to wear mascara. People ask me all the time if they're real (and they are!).


Waste of money...used every day for 2 months without ANY results

Susan D

Be careful with this product! My eyes turned red and puffy in the morning. I tried it two more times to make sure my eyes are red from this serum, and every morning they looked even worse. So i stopped and gave it to my sister to try. She had the same expirience. We applied it following instructions, and we don't have sensitive eyes.


I began on March 15, it is now June 30. With Mascara on, my eyelashes are hitting my glasses! Like another reviewer, I find my lashes are curling-a but more on the outside of my eyes. They also seem darker.


Used the very expensive spa-only, dr. RX version of something similar to this for years and then came across NeuLash. My eyelashes actually got thicker and longer on THIS product. People think I wear falsies. Highly recommend.


This product ruined my lashes. My eyelashes started falling out gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept using it thinking maybe they had to adjust and they'd grow back thick and long. Wrong! Now they simply won't grow back nicely, they look short, thin and won't grow in the middle corner.

Jessica F

This stuff is AMAZING. Makes my lashes grow very quickly...to the point that I've started using it once a week...my lashes were getting TOO long...who would've thought.


I love neulash-- I used to have super short, sparse, straight lashes until I started using this. Within 3 weeks, I noticed dramatic results and was very happy. I am currently on my 4th month and my eyelashes are twice as long


After using this product, I have an $1100 bill for the emergency room and eye drops and ointment. Tried to call the company to let them know about the issue. I simply wanted to let them know this product may have some issues. They were rude and hateful. The worst customer service experience ever. By the way, this item was purchased at the department store where I am employed as an assistant manager. I certainly won't recommend this product to others.


I loved NeuLASH at first and enjoyed impressive results (after 2-3 weeks, my lashes were noticeably fuller and longer), but soon after I began experiencing irritation on my lids and under my eyes, and about 5 weeks after using the product, my lashes began falling out. They are now shorter than they were before. I've read multiple similar reviews on sites like MakeupAlley and would strongly encourage any potential consumers of this product to think carefully about potential side effects.


I have had no issues with irritation. After about 2.5 months of use it has really kicked in. My lashes are noticeably longer and more of them. I'm thrilled with this product so far! I got it at a BlueMercury store for $95. Worth every penny

Hansen M

Im in my second bottle. One bottle lasts approx 6 months. I have short, straight Asian lashes and neulash actually works. Now my lashes Are long, Dark and beautiful. I dont even need to use mascara and i always get compliments. No side effects because i am very careful and i only put a little bit �n The lashline. I will definitely repurchase.


Stopped using 2 days ago and my eyes are not red/itchy anymore and no problem with site. This morning I literally couldn't see for 10 minutes-my eyesight was so blurry-took 10 minutes to clear up. My eyesight has been blurry off and on since I started using this. This past week my eyes and upper/lower lids have been red, painful, and itchy. The only new thing I've tried has been this, and now I will stop using it, and reviews indicate there's a good chance my eyelashes will now fall out! The side-effects were not immediate, but often later in the day or the next day. This stuff is WAY too expensive to have these associated risks.


This is a product that does what it says, and thats why im giving it 5 stars. I HATE products that don't do what they claim and promise. When i first started using neulash, i noticed that my eyelashes started to becom fuller, longer and "stronger" after about 5 weeks.. first i thought i was just imagine myself, but after theese 5 weeks it just said POFF and one day i REALLY noticed a big difference. I continued on taking this every single night, until the product was finished. Im not sure for how long it lasted but maybe 9-10 weeks? By this time by eyelashes were SO long, they literally were growing above my eyebrows! ( i do have pretty low eyebrows though!)


it is true that Neulash works like a magic. Only applying once a day as recommended in two months time my eyelashes were noticibly full and longer. Meanwhile i started experiencing the every single side effect listed. İrritated, watery, stinging, bloodshot eyes and the worst of all dark circles all around the eye area. Forgot to add the impaired vision. i stopped using the product cold turkey. Two weeks later İ had major eyelash fallout. Now İ have less eyelashes than the orginal state. Good news is annoying dark circles had gone and my eyes are not itchy. İ would recommend anyone who considers using eyelash lengthening products to do a good research on internet. There are some websites with reviews, pros and cons. İ wish İ had done some research before ahead. İ have just ordered Maxolash, only available online. They say it has natural ingredients. İ cross my fingers.


I have been using Neulash for 5 weeks now and had prety nice results, my lashes were a lot longer! But, few weeks ago my lashes started falling out. I always had lashes on my cheeks, table, bathroom etc. Now all the long lashes have fallen out and I only have few long ones left and the rest are shorter than my original lashes. I'm hoping the lashes will grow back but I'm definately quitting the use today. No use having long lashes if there's only two lashes left. Neulash also made my eyelids very raw, red and dried my eyes. You get results but you might end up losing your lashes.


I really wanted to love this product. I used Neulash on my lashes and brows for approximately 4 weeks. I had to stop using it because it was irritating my eyes/lids. The stinging that is suppose to stop after initial use, it kept stinging. I also had bloodshot eyes, and my lids started to get raw and irritated. It didn't irritate my brows though. The product did work though. After returning (which was about 4 weeks of using the product), I noticed my lashes and brows were dark and thicker. My lashes seemed a little longer too. However, a few days of not using Neulash, my brows and lashes returned to its normal state. I would have really loved to used the product till I reached the peak benefits, but the irritation was too much.


So a few year ago my roommate, who works at a cancer ward, was given a tube of this stuff for free by a representative for the company. She didn't have the patience to try it so she gave it to me. This stuff worked like magic on my lashes but I noticed some darker bags under my eyes after awhile. I cut back to using it like 2x a week and it still worked pretty well..then I moved out and forgot to bring it with me, and of course the lashes went back to their original length! Would I pay the original price? Not when I can get Latisse for cheaper..


This product worked for me. My lashes are naturally thin and soft and grow downwards with an ever so slight bend. Using neuLash every night made them longer, a little fuller and I do think there are more of them (probably lost fewer). They have a better curl as well! Visible results came in like 6-8 week so I would recommend patience


After using both neulash and latisse for over a year getting amazing results I now had my eyelashes falling out...and I read about similar experiences online and decided to try another brand which had no reported side effects.


I love, love, love this product because it WORKS! I was considering eyelash extensions but I'm a bit lazy about having to schlep to a salon for maintenance. I was in Bloomingdales at the Beverly Center (L.A.) and the guy at the MAC counter told me to check out his colleague's eyelashes. They looked amazing and I was certain she had extensions - but it was all Neulash. I've been using the product for 8 weeks and my eyelashes have definitely grown longer and the tips touch the base of my eyebrows and are longer with mascara.


I've been using this product for about six weeks and have already noticed that my lashes are fuller. I had used Latisse for 4 months and saw no difference and finally gave up on the product. I thought I had no hope for growing lashes after that experience. After spending so much on Latisse, I was reluctant to try another lash-growing product but at Saks was told I could return the product if it didn't work so figured I had nothing to lose. I have been pleasantly surprised! Even my husband agreed that my lashes do look fuller.

Jackson G

Price: $150 for 0.20 oz. Duration: Product lasts 6 months on brows, upper lash and lower lash line I've been using this for the past 6 months. I have nothing but raves to say about this. You do notice a difference in 3-4 weeks, but it's more of a marked difference in 3-4 months! I've never felt this way about a product, it does WORK.

Ella P

Too pricey for me. I got it from Macy’s but could not even open it to try it. Will be returning, buyers remorse for sure.

Tiffany S

I do not recommend this product! It is thick and oily. It doesn't rub in all the way.

Alaska Y

Great stuff, love the way it looks. To me not a bad price. Like the way it applies

Danyelle S

This stuff really works! After using consistently for 30 days I can say my lashes are longer and fuller. The results are even more amazing when I apply mascara. I no longer need false lashes or extensions.

Veronica M

I had high hopes for this eye lash enhancing serum and have used it for 2-3 weeks but have noticed little change. I use it before bed and have forgotten or skipped a day or two every now and then for a month. My eyelashes do seem stronger and slightly fuller

Maggie D

I absolutely love this lash serum. I use to use another lash serum that is about $40, but a blogger I follow religiously had great results with this serum (even better than I had, had with my previous lash serum) so I decided to give Neulash a try. I'm so, so glad I did!! My lashes are so thick and long I actually had to cut a few because they were too long:)

Sarah P

I love having thick and full lashes by getting eyelash extensions, but it’s costly and I also want my eyelashes to naturally look like I have extensions. This is the product you need to achieve that look!

Sara D

This works. I didn’t tell anyone in my life I was using this product and a few weeks in began receiving complaints about my lashes—I wasn’t wearing mascara!

Ivy M

Great product, didn't add to much volume to my eyelashes but could definitely tell I had eyelashes, very long lasting and didn't smudge which was great.

Eva C

I haven't seen any obvious difference, but I do think my eyelashes are a little longer and if not, definitely healthier. It doesn't last as long as I wish it did, especially for such an expensive price

Taylor C

I have so much love for Neulash. I've been using the product for two years now and it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. I now just use it for upkeep 1-2 times a week but when you first purchase the product it's recommended for nightly use.

Hennie Tillman

I order the! Lash and brow serums than canceled the order 2 hours later. I was paying more for shipping an handling then the produce. The order was 4.95 each for trail sizes. Charged 15.00 for shipping. Their making me pay for shipping. They haven’t even ship the order I fill it’s a SCAM!!! Not happy.


DO NOT Do the trial for $4.95 for 14 day trial. They start your trial from day you order not day you receive so I was charged after 7 days. Hard to fill if it works in 7 days. SCAM. Now charged $94. For trial bottle. 0 star

Ivete L

The product worked. My eyelashes definitely got longer & took about 2 months. Not a huge change but I could definitely tell. Big downside was it gave me eyes a strange reaction & they were constantly twitching for the whole 2 months. Once I stopped using, the twitching immediately stopped.

Sarah F

I love Neulash. I swear by this item. After a terrible experience with eyelash extensions ( I was left with brittle, sparse lashes) I turned to Neulash. This product is outstanding. I get frequent compliments on my long lashes - even from my husband.


After couple of weeks of using it, I clearly saw the difference. After a month, I had twice as long eyelashes as I used to have! My eyelids got a little red and irritated though, so now I'm using it every other day or 2-3 times a week, but it still works. Love it!


Didn’t work for me. Do not recommend


Not everything works on everybody. This did not do a thing. Not a thing. I don't think it would have even poisoned me if I drank the stuff. But who knows, may work on the next gal. It's a crap shoot with these kind of things.


I used Neulash for about a month and then spring came and I developed allergies so I couldn't do the recommended six weeks. I did notice that at the end of that month that my lashes seemed longer. I had false eyelashes on for about four months and after taking them off, my lashes seemed so sparse. Neulash seemed to enhance the growing period. It burns a bit at initial use.


This stuff actually works if you use it every night but unfortunate during the first few days of use and when I overused Neulash it created my eye line (where I applied Neulash) to become tender to touch and maybe a little dry. Using just once a day at night help fix most of that issue.


It works like a charm. After 10 weeks, I could feel my lashes are a lot thicker and longer. It does require continuos use. Wish it were cheaper.

Kendra L

This was reccomeded by my daugther to try coz I wanted to have a long lashes and so far using this every night I have notice after 2 weeks my lashes is longer than before. And also you only needed a small amount to apply in both eyelash cause I have notice I use to apply too much it causes a dark color in my under eye.

English M

This product really works! I have used Latisse for years with eye irritation. Neulash is easier to apply, brush and product in one tube. I would recommend it and will continue to use it.


The product is okay. doesn't irritate it too much. application is fairly easy. i don't know if i see results yet, its been 2 months now using every other day.

Andante D

Fake, Fake, Fake. DO NOT!!! waist your money. Placebo to the cause. This was the very BEST waste of my money.


I have used Neulash before but wanted to try something cheaper. What a mistake! I have started using Neulash again and right away my lashes grew longer! Best on the market and worth every penny!

Kristen H

Used for the first time last night, if you have sensitive skin do not even try this. My skin burnt so badly it’s all red around my eye.


Definitely pricey, but I used this without any ill effects. My short stubby lashes grew noticeably longer with a curl. Can't dispute that this works!


Did not see any results with this product. I used it every night for 30 days and saw absolutely zero effect. I wouldn’t bother


My eyelashes were falling out and thinning. After at least 3 months of use I noticed a huge difference in eyelash thickness and length. I have no need for mascara


Quite overpriced considering the result wasn't great or good. I wouldn't recommend to anyone at the current price. If it were cheaper then maybe.


I haven't seen any improvement yet but I have a friend who has had real lash growth. I'll keep using for a while to see if it works

Davi M

Returned because it burns my eyes :(

Nicole H

This doesn't work at all - instead of making my lashes grow it made me feel itchy at night after a month in.

Quingley S

This does increase your eyelashes! Have used before and will continue to order. This application is better than the others

Jessica D

This stuff is AMAZING. Makes my lashes grow very quickly...to the point that I've started using it once a week...my lashes were getting TOO long...who would've thought. I love it. Super easy to use. I think sometimes my eye lid gets a little irritated, but I feel like it's a small price to pay. And if I wait a couple days to use the product, it goes away.


Have bought several of these for personal use and as gifts! I naturally have very little and short eyelashes but within 3-4 weeks they started growing like weeds. I get them tinted (they're blonde) on the regular and the growth is very obvious as a result! I get constant compliments

Sara R

I got this product because my friend was thrilled with the results and I could see her lashes were noticeably longer. I ordered the product and when it arrived, it seemed light (not much in there). I figured maybe you don't need that much. I used it consistently for 15-20 days with no results.

Evie C

I'm not too impressed with the product. I bought this product twice. The first tube felt like it worked ever so slightly. I was not allergic or anything. I was hopeful and I thought maybe it worked. I think it maybe made my eyelashes stronger because now I use castor oil and my eyelashes seem to be getting weaker and flimsy. However. I wasn't really sure if it was working. I don't think it was really worth as much money as I paid.

Kelly Peterson

When I first received the product and used it for about 3 weeks, all of a sudden I could see the difference in the length of my lashes, however that lasted probably as long as it takes lashes to drop out and be replaced, and I have not had this result again


Very disappointed! Box came damaged, but decided to try the serum because it still had the seal. After throwing away the box I find out the bottle is empty! Total waste of money and now I can't return.

Annie B

I was really excited to use this product. Unfortunately, I had a reaction to it. My eyes got blood shot, the lids were red and itchy. This was just after 2- 3 days use. I thought maybe it was in my head. I took a break from it, then tried it again and had the same reaction on the first try.


I’ve been using it for over 4 weeks and it hasn’t made my lashes grow at all. It does bug my eyes and makes them severely bloodshot. I’ve used other brands in the past and I’ve never experienced this before.


The last two times I have purchased, I experienced redness in my eyes, and eyelids and they itched. My friend who got me started on this product and used if for years also has experienced the same thing. I'm not sure if they changed their formula but I didn't even use the second one I purchased for more than a couple of days.


Didn't notice any improvement until my 3rd month. and now I will continue using it for as long as its available!!!


I am such a skeptic when it comes to eyelash serums but am here to tell you that this is a miracle worker! I have used this for two years now. The results are visibly noticeable on myself, on my hairdresser (who recommended it), and on my mother after getting her hooked on it.


I have been using this for about a year now (this is my third bottle) without any issue and with incredible results!! My eyelashes are longer than they have ever been in my life. I am only giving it 4 stars though because the most recent bottle I purchased stings my eyes!

Amanda C

Unfortunately, this product irritated my eyes right away. They are red on the eyeball and around on the skin and it feels like I have conjunctivitis. My co-worker thought I had smoked a bong prior to work (I do not smoke).

Taylor B

After about two weeks, my lashes literally started falling out! So I obviously stopped using it because I figured I had a reaction to it or something. So fast forward to a few days ago, it gets brought up in conversation and I say my lashes started falling out and turns out both people I know that used it, had the same issue!

Jelly F

I've always dreamed of long lush eyelashes. I don't even wear mascara on my bottom lashes because the ones towards the outer edges of my eye get rubbed off. This stuff is amazing and works so good! I've been using it for 2 months. My eyelashes are long a bit thicker and amazingly the bottom eyelashes that weren't there - are there now!

Tiffany K

This really works! At first I was ready to send it back after 3 nights of use because it made my eyes itch and burn so bad I couldn’t stand it. Instead, I gave it a while and tried again. On the second round I used much less, and did not apply the product from the innermost corner to the outer corner of each eye like I was doing before, and kept the serum away from those areas altogether so it couldn’t run into my eyes like it did before. I’m happy to say this method proved successful!

Bev B

I have heard good things about this product so decided to try it. I have used it religiously every day for the last day and still haven't seen any difference. The tube is almost empty after a month too, when most people say it lasts several months

Shella S

On my first order I LOVED this product however when I reordered the product was dried out, with very little serum in the tub. Very disappointed


I started using this lash serum about 5 months ago and I have seen a huge difference with my eyelashes. My eyelashes are thicker and longer than ever before. I don’t think I can ever stop using it.

Morgan W

This product worked for me big time and I am a BIG advocate. I was seeing noticeable results within 4 weeks of consistent use (morning and night applications). I continued using it and cannot tell you how many compliments I got on my fuller lengthy lashes.


I purchased this 4 months ago. I'm still on my first bottle. I had been using false eyelashes and had lost almost all of my own. They were VERY sparse and weak. This product is AMAZING!!!! My lashes are so long and full.

Kendra K

I have been using this product for a month, and haven't experienced any growth, although that was expected after reading the reviews prior to my purchase. My eyes are itchy, and my lids are droopy? I can't remember seeing that this is a side effect? I also have read eyes.

Patti C

The first tube I bought, I was very pleased with. It lasted about 3 months and I noticed longer lashes at about 6 weeks. I purchased a second tube and from the very first use, I could tell it was NOT full of serum like the first one. It didn't last a month!!! I really am happy with the results, but am reluctant to purchase a third tube.


It’s been 6 weeks I have maybe a single lash or two dart out and appear to significantly longer than all the others. This serum definitely itches and has made my eyes red for 6 weeks of consecutive use. I’ve got a little more volume but no real length results

Ciara G

My long time hair dresser highly recommended this product. I've been using it for three months on a daily basis, and I have not seen any results. Super bummed....had high expectations, but all I have now is an empty wallet

Claudia S

THIS IS A SCAM PRODUCT!!!I feel that I got screwed this product was almost empty I opened once and went I vacation for two weeks when I came back and tried to used it was completely dried. Very upset.


I was skeptical, as I have used LiLash and other pricey-but-work products. This actually works, just give it time! In a month I had noticeable longer lashes


Do yourself a favor and get this product. My eyelashes are on another level after only 2 months. I used to wear eyelash extensions, but honestly after using this my eyelashes are just as long, if not longer. People ask me what I use all the time. I love it!

Linda S

I used the serum for 2 nights and my eyes turned red and puffy like an allergic reaction. I'm sorry that I will have to return the product. My friend that recommended the product had really good results.


I’ve used Neu Lash before and have received great results, however...i ordered a bottle in December and have used it every night for the last few months. Not only did my eyelashes NOT grow, but they actually FELL OUT.

Dennis C

This is the real deal! I have been using this product for over three months and I can not believe my eyes! I'm so in love and will be loyal customer. Everyday I look at my husband and say look at my lashes!! He can't believe it either!

Jordan P

Works like a charm! had eyelash extensions and would apply this with them on so that when I didn't have them my lashes were not trashed. It did leave my lid a little red at times but it never itched and burned.

Candy Blue

I've used other products but they were just waste of money. Didn't work. My friend told me that I'd have long eye lashes if I'm patient. I gave myself 4 to 6 weeks. Nothing happened until sixth week. Now my eye lashes touch my glasses. Amazing!!


Used ONCE and my eyes became red, puffy and irritated. I DON’T have sensitive skin at all and no allergies. My red eyelids lasted for TWO days and I couldn’t wear any makeup. This is a dangerous product that shouldn’t be sold. I returned it immediately


After using NeuLash for one month I did see a noticeable difference in the length of my eyelashes; however, I had to discontinue use because it made my eyelids red and puffy. I tried using it every other day in an attempt to reduce redness/puffiness, but this made no difference.


I have been using this product for 6 weeks with no discernable increase in lash length. Disappointed.


Have experienced increase in length/thickness of both my eyelashes and eyebrows! I would highly recommend this product to anyone with sparse lashes or eyebrows. AND, even if you have nice lashes/eyebrows, this product will still work for you.

Stacie W

I noticed dramatic eye lash growth. Twice the length. However, the side effects were NOT worth it! I used it for two months and about a month in noticed darkening of the skin on my eyelid where I applied the product as well as all under the lower lash line. It got very dark like makeup left on.


This stuff WORKS. My Lashes are SUPER long but it comes with a price. Every morning my eyes are blood shot. Like really red. They don't hurt or itch just completely blood shot.

Diana Peterson

I have no words for this product! After trying MANY other eyelash serums (Peptide, castor oil for eyelashes) this is amazing! By 6-8 weeks my lashes were so long I had to curl them. I had gotten eyelash extensions and lost a lot of my lashes. This was the answer!

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