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 This eyelash enhancer serum earned the top spot in our lash serum reviews. NourishLash received rave testimonials from our testers, who loved its fast results. It is rapidly becoming one of the top eyelash enhancer and eyelash conditioner products on the market.

 The ingredients in NourishLash stood out for their effectiveness. It contains a targeted combination of bio-engineered polypeptides, myristoyl pentapeptide-17, myristoyl hexapeptide-16, biotin, panthenol, green tea extract, rare grape stem cell extract, red clover extract and hyaluronic acid that are scientifically proven ingredients to show an increase in lash length and density in a few weeks. The ultra-effective ingredient blend also contains botanical extracts, proteins and amino acids that make lashes look thick, full, shiny and healthy.

 Testers noticed that their lashes appeared thicker and longer, and they also experienced less breakage. They reported that their lash line looked more defined, even without eyeliner or mascara.

 NourishLash is made without any hormone and prostaglandin, a controversial ingredient that is known to have a hormone-like effect. NourishLash eyelash serum is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, and is vegan, safe, natural, gentle, powerful and effective.

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NourishLash Pros

Top-performing, advanced formula with a potent blend of myristoyl pentapeptide-17, myristoyl hexapeptide-16, biotin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, pure, natural botanicals, and fruit stem cells
Creates the enhanced appearance of stronger, longer and thicker lashes
Made in the USA in an FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant facility
Non-irritating formula is considered safe for use by all skin types, including sensitive skin
Prostaglandin-free, fragrance-free, hormone-free and paraben-free formula
Cruelty free, vegan and high quality natural ingredients
Works effectively as an eyelash serum or eyebrow serum
High-end aluminum tube preserves the potency of natural ingredients
Affordable for “7.5 ml” and offers free shipping with a 60-day money back guarantee

NourishLash Cons

Available on the company’s website only, and not in retail stores or Amazon

May be out of stock due to high demand

NourishLash Customer Reviews

Jennifer. O

I’ve Been Using This For Over 5 Months! I get compliments daily from those I don’t even know. My lashes are probably twice as long as they used to be before using this product. I don’t really think they are any thicker, so I used a mascara to enhance the thickening effect. In all, it was a good buy and I will be ordering more after this bottle.

Calais. D

This product took way longer than I expected before working on my lashes. At least, I used the serum for over 3 months. The positive, however, is that it didn’t irritate my eyes and the length and thickness it provided was long-lasting (yes, my lashes didn’t break or become sparse even without using it for a whole week). Do not buy this brand if you’re looking for a quick result.

Derby. T

Incredible Product! It’s just over 3 weeks, and my brows are looking thick. And they are a little darker than they used to be. For my lashes, they are looking thicker and longer as well. You have to be careful not to get the serum into your eye. It may sting you a bit

Lorie. E

This Stuff Works Great This stuff is the real deal. It does take over a month before you see results, and you need to apply it every morning and night. But, believe me, you’ll fall in love with the results. People ask me all the time if my lashes are extensions. I’m really pleased with this product and will keep using it.

Hope. R

It’s A Great Serum! I love this Serum! I was skeptical when my friend recommended it. But when my daughter mentioned the product again, I knew it had to be a fantastic serum. I’ve been using it for 2 months, and my lashes have grown really longer and fuller that I don’t think I need to use the serum again. My lower, sparse lashes are growing tremendously too. I’m still on the same tube I ordered and it doesn’t seem to be finishing any time soon. No irritations and pains too. I recommend this product!

Mary. W

Incredible In just 2 weeks I noticed a huge difference. I had stumpy, short lashes. I had tried other serums in the past, but most of them leave my eyes teary and red. Then my stylist told me to get Nourish. I did, and in 2 weeks, my lashes are darker and fuller. I have since stopped using my mascara. I believe with time it will improve my lash length too.

Emily. K

I Love It! It has been 6 weeks of using this product. It took that long to improve my lashes. I am over 55 and needed a lash enhancer (an effective one at that) for my short lashes. This serum gave me lusher lashes and thicker brows in 6 weeks. I’m so thrilled right now. Updated It’s been 3 months and my lashes are longer and thicker than the time I first submitted my review. I highly recommend this product.

Amy. B

Fantastic Product! This serum is amazing. It took almost 2 months to improve my lashes. I use the serum twice daily, and I think my lashes are a lot better now. I still use mascara to improve the look of my lashes though. I’ll keep using this product.

Linda. R

I’ve Become A NourishLash Advocate! I used NourishLash for over 3 months. I could tell a big difference in the way my lashes look now. To start with, this serum doesn’t irritate – a good product for those with sensitive skin like me. Secondly, it contains 100% natural ingredients, with most of them found to enhance the condition of the lash. You should try this product if you’re still in doubt. However, patience is golden when using it.

Lilian. F

Pleased with the Product! Although nature blessed me with longer lashes, I have a big concern about my lush turning sparse as I age. I got this serum to keep my lashes looking longer for life, and so far it is doing a decent job. I use it before bedtime. And in the morning I use mascara to make the whole result come to life. I’ll turn 60 next year and my lashes are still looking incredibly long. I hope the result stays like this forever!

Lori G

I’m very satisfied with this eyelash enhancer. It makes my lashes to grow darker, thicker, and longer in the space of a month. I’m very pleased with my purchase and will definitely order more as I go forward.

Faith P

I love this product because it does work. My lashes are longer, thicker, and fuller, and the color is a little dark as though I used a permanent mascara. I may, however, need to use it for more months to achieve the curls I’ve always wanted. I will reorder this product because it does work!

Brenda T

I lost my eyelashes together with my scalp hair after my chemo section early this year. Growing them back was difficult and challenging. While I use wigs to look fabulous, I hated the idea of lash extensions because they seldom make me feel easy. Then a friend recommended Latisse and NourishLash. I chose the latter because of the low price. Today, I’m so pleased with my results. Not that my lashes have grown to a celebrity-length, they are looking fuller and healthier. I’ll keep using this product.

Bunmi R

I really enjoyed using this product. It is easy to use and didn’t leave me shouting around the out for fresh hair because of the irritations. It’s been 5 weeks of using this serum and I can tell that my lashes are looking more elegant and lusher. This is a product for every woman in the world!

Pretty E

Within 2 weeks I could tell that my lashes are really getting thicker and growing longer. When I apply mascara before steeping out in the morning, it makes my lashes darker and more beautiful. I’m very pleased with NourishLash and the brain behind it.

Smith D

I love this serum. I’ve been using it for almost a month now – twice daily (in the morning and night) – and it really works. My eyelashes reached my brows. Although I used to have longer lashes, I wanted more thickness. And so far it is helping me achieve that.

Delia K

This product is giving me incredible results. I’m very pleased with it. I switched from Revitalash after they changed their winning ingredients. This one is less expensive and has almost all the previous Revitalash ingredients and even more. I like that the brush applicator is easy to use. It also doesn’t sting at all. I’m pleased to announce the king of serums to be NourishLash!

Lopa M

I ordered for this product on the 2nd of May this year and the product didn’t arrive here in Liverpool until the first week of June. I’m highly disappointed in the whole shipping process and the delay.

Amy. S

I bought this serum last month, which is less than a month. I can say that this serum works. It has improved my lash and brow length in a little over 3 weeks. The formula also makes my lash shinny and appear darker. It helps thicken my bros too.

Kim B

The best thing about this product is that it works. My lashes are now thicker and longer. Now I receive loads of compliments everywhere I go. I’m so happy with this product and will order more soon.

Judy F

I used to have beautiful lashes when I was younger. But as I got closer to 40, I noticed that my beautiful lashes started falling off. A friend introduced me to a very expensive brand, costing $150 a month, but that is way out of budget for me. So I settled for this serum. Barely 1 month of using this serum, it had improved my lash length and thickness. And after 2 months it was looking like I had false lashes on. I recommend this serum to anyone that wants to have thicker, longer, and fuller lashes

Mary C

You need to be patient with this product. It took me over 5 week before I saw noticeable results. Using this serum is easy and doesn’t irritate the eyes. Be careful though not to get it in your eyes. Overall, I’m satisfied with this product so far and will order for in the future.

Judith S

This product is a gem. I’ve used other lash growing serums in the past with no positive result. This product gave me longer, fuller, and thicker lashes in less than 2 months. I use it once daily, so if you use it twice daily as prescribed by the manufacturers you might see quicker results.


I just received the package yesterday. I felt a little sting when I used it yester night but nothing this morning. Will keep using it and see how it goes.

Coco G

Wow! After all these years searching for something that grows my lashes longer and thicker, I came across this product. Applying it religiously every nighttime, I saw results in less than 6 and half weeks. I used to wear false lashes but stopped when this serum started improving my natural lashes. The only downside is that you need to keep using this serum every day to keep your lashes lush.

Cynthia T

This product must be the best I bought this year. It was recommended to me by my daughter who used it and worked for her. I apply it twice daily – first on my left lashes (upper and lower) because that is where I have the most trouble, then I use it on my right lashes. Then I wait for about 10 minutes to make it dry before using my mascara. Overall, it has helped me achieve longer, fuller lashes in the space of 5 weeks. It’s a good buy and I highly recommend it.

Ana K

Since I couldn’t afford Latisse because of the exorbitant price, I decided to look around for an effective alternative. Then I came across NourishLash. I’m extremely happy with this product. It didn’t hurt my eye nor change my eye color. My eyelashes are dark, long, and curl, which means I don’t need to wear mascaras if I don’t want to. I’ll continue to use this product as long as the price stays this way.

Rita L

I used this product on my lashes but doesn’t seem to improve it at all. Then I started using it on my eyebrows. It helps thicken and adds shine to them. I’ll keep applying it on my lashes and see if it really helps.

Kesley C

My friend ordered this serum online and started using it. She told me a lot of amazing stuffs about it, then I decided to buy mine too. Honestly I was a little skeptical about trying out other brands since I went through hell from 2 other more expensive brands. But when I used her serum and didn’t feel any side effects, I ordered immediately. . Now, after over a month, my lashes look so amazing! They transformed from straight, short lashes into longer and amazing lashes. The whole experience is like a miracle to me. To think that a lash serum can give me the result I want within a short period of time without irritating my eyes is really a miracle!

Jennifer. P

This is the best lash serum ever! I’m always skeptical and filled with doubts when it comes to using cosmetic products around my eyes. I’m so happy I tried this product. My under eye lashes are sparse and countable. The only time they were noticeable is when I apply mascaras. About 5 weeks they started growing longer and thicker. My upper lashes are adding length and thickness too. It is easy to apply and doesn’t cause irritations. I recommend this product to everyone.

Kimberly H

I so much love this product. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months now and it gave me amazing results! I can’t believe how lush my lashes have become. I started seeing some results within 2 weeks. This product is far better than any extension you may get. Totally recommend!

Stacy R

I started using this serum around middle of September. During the first week of November, my lashes have transformed totally. IT DOES WORK! I apply it AM and PM just like they wrote on the package. If you want longer, thicker lashes, get this product ASAP.

Angie. H

My stylist recommended this product to me when I asked about her eyelash extension brand. Her answer shocked me! I couldn’t believe natural lashes can be that long and fantastic. I’ve been using this serum for over a month now, and I can now drop my reviews and tell everyone that this product works. It is easy to apply and it is so light that you won’t feel you’re using anything.

Hannah. E

My eyelashes are getting thicker to the point that people think I wear mascara. I have longer lashes but this product made them thicker and darker. It really wowed me. This is my 5th month of using this product and I’ve ordered for another bottle, which is still on the way.

Michelle. M

Are you a woman above 50 with short, thin, and skimpy lashes? Then this product is what you need to nourish your lashes and make them grow longer, thicker, and stronger. I’ve been applying this product for the past 2 months and my technician told me she can see some length and volume in my lashes. Just order a bottle now and you’ll be blown away with the results you’ll get.

Linda. S

This product is fantastic and really works for me. I use it every night before I sleep. I used to have lusher lashes before I turned 60. Then they started falling out and they are now sparse and ugly. Then I started using this product and people are asking if my lashes are real. I use less mascara now, and sometimes I don’t.

Melissa H

This product made my natural lashes fuller and longer. I used other expensive serums. Although they worked, but this one surpasses them by far. My pale blond lashes were looking sparse and almost not existent. But now they are long and thick. It took me about a month to see results, but it’s worth my effort, money, and time. Will definitely buy again

Amanda D

This product definitely works. My extensions ruined my lashes, so I decided to invest in a potent repairer in a lash serum. Luckily, I came across this product. I applied it twice daily (mostly afternoon and nighttime). I saw noticeable results in 4 weeks. Now I use it only at nighttime. No irritation or eye redness.

Lori. K

This serum is the bomb! It works so well for me. I’m in my late 60’s and I’ve used in for over 3 months. My skimpy, sparse lashes are getting thicker and longer. I started seeing results in 3 weeks, but then it was only the length that improved. The only downside is that it makes my eyes itchy a bit. It is nothing unbearable though.

Ire T

NourishLash worth every single cent I paid for it. I ordered for a bottle early last month because of the massive positive reviews I read about it. My lashes started falling out (I guess it was due to my lash curls). Then I stared using this serum. First thing it does is to reduce my falling lashes. Then it started growing back my uprooted lashes within 2 months. I’m satisfied with this product, and I recommend you give it a try too.

Ruth W

I was about getting Babe Lash when someone introduced me to this product, a cheaper alternative. I had been using vitamin e and castor oil on my lashes but the mix didn’t improve my lash length…it only adds curls to my lashes. I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks now and I can see a big difference. My lashes are longer and darker. I recommend this product.

Betty. Y

It took over 6 weeks of regular use to see results, but you’ll see faster results if you use it twice daily. I used Lilash in the past, which worked more quickly, but the result isn’t long-lasting like the one you’ll get from using NourishLash. Also, I had to deal with some irritations with Lilash but that is not same with this product.

Miranda. D

Couldn’t be happier with this product. I noticed results within 2 weeks, and in a month my lashes were touching my eyebrows – they are looking thicker and longer. The only demerit is that it attack your eyes if you let the liquid sip in.

Helen J

I tried a lot of lash serums in the past, but none of them work fine. I have sparse lashes that were unequal in length. But after a month of applying this product, my eyelashes length became even, and they appear to be fuller and curlier. I use it on my brows and it seems to be helping me.

Judith S

This is the best eyelash serum I’ve used . It makes my lashes longer and fuller, making them POP. It also darken my lashes a little too. I’m lucky to receive a free eyebrow serum with my two bottles of lash serum. Wow! I’m so impressed. Thanks

Lisa H

When my order came in, it was 25% gone. I suspected a leak or something. That being said, the serum works for me. I needed a “lash companion” and that is what it provides. My lashes are looking healthier and a lot of people kept asking for my secret. This is a must buy for everyone.

Kathy U

I bought this serum because a lot of people reviewed that the product worked in less than a month. This is my fifth week and this seems to be doing absolutely nothing for me.

Vera H

This serum is amazing! This is my third week and I see a lot of improvement in my lashes. It made my lashes very long. Although there is nothing on thickness so far. But hey! It’s too early to judge. So far I’m a happy client.

Smart T

I highly recommend this product. I got it last month and it has transformed my horrible lashes into fuller, longer lashes – that’s just 6 weeks. I get so many compliments and people asking if I was wearing extensions. I only use it once daily and it is my magic portion. If you’re looking for longer, fuller lashes, this is your product. Don’t be skeptical, just buy it right away.

Betty C

This product works like a charm! I use it twice daily (morning and before bed). If your lashes begin to grow longer like mine, you can use it once daily. It doesn’t irritate the eyes if you use it moderately. I’m so pleased with this amazing product!

Clara T

Yes, it works. I’ve also had sparse lashes for all these years. I am still in shock with the result this serum has given me. In 3 weeks it started making my lashes full and thick. I still hope for more length, at least I want to experience my lashes touching my brows too.

Cynthia G

This product is amazing. You may feel a little irritation in the first week but it will fade away. Just make sure you don’t use excess serum. I use it once a day because of my time. Despite that it still work for me. Results won’t come overnight though, but you’ll see improvements within 1 month. I highly recommend this product.

Marsha H

This serum is just amazing. I’ve been using it for over a month. My lashes went from short to longer, thicker lashes. I’ve seize applying mascara and using eyelash curlier. This product totally worth the price. I highly recommend it!

April M

I don’t normally drop a review except the product blows my mind. And in this case, Nourishlash BLOWWWSS my mind!!! My lashes started to fall out when I fell ill about 2 months ago, leaving a bare spot on my lash line. I started applying this serum and in about a month or so I saw results. When my lashes grew back, I started using it once daily. I receive a lot of compliments on how lush and beautiful my lashes are. Last week a lady stopped and took my pics when I told her my lashes are real. That prompted me to drop this reveal. I’ll definitely be ordering more bottles soon.

Smantha J

I’ve been using this serum for over 2 months and I’m yet to see improvements. This same serum works for my friend, giving her longer, fuller lashes in less than a month. I’m so sad right now!

Sammy U

My friends all use this serum and they have beautiful lashes. I’ve been using it for over 2 months and my lashes are longer…but not thicker. They aren’t quite what I saw with my friends, but then again they have probably been using it for years. I guess I’ll have to keep using it.

Rosie D

I have short, light lashes, so I’m using this serum twice daily. My cosmetologist noticed that I’ve grown longer lashes. I was pleased when she told me. It doesn’t irritate my eyes too. One thing I don’t like is the waiting time before using mascara and makeup. Sometimes I wake up late and the 5 to 10 minutes waiting time is a lot of time to spare.

Marushka M

My friend told me about this product early this month when she noticed some empty spots on my eyelids. I used it every night for over 4 weeks and I can’t believe how long my lashes have grown. It didn’t irritate me at all despite having sensitive skin. Highly recommend this product!

Kaybe T

I bought 3 of this product. One for my sister and the other as backup in case I misplaced it. Firstly, it gave me an itchy eye. But after 2 days I started loving the incredible result. It’s almost 4 months now and I’m thrilled with my new lashes.

Tina M

For the first month I thought I had a dud. However after 2 months I suddenly noticed results. My large lash space caused by a defective lash curler have started to fill in with new lashes. I’m excited and pleased with the results so far.

Lean J

I’ve been using NourishLash since 2 months and my lashes have grown tremendously. My lashes were short and sparse, but now I get a lot of compliments. They don’t look like extensions, which is what I really appreciate. I’m using it on my brows too and it’s thickening them up. I will continue to use this product

Maren J

I asked my friend for the secret of her beautiful lashes and she told me NourishLash. I’ve been using it for the past 1 months and it is working for me too. After 3 weeks, people started commenting on how lovely my lashes are. I’ve directed a lot of people to this product and I think there should be a compensation for me 

Tina L

Wow! My lashes that used to be stumpy and nonexistent are now looking so thick and long. In fact, I had to switch back to contact. This product is so powerful that within 2 weeks you can start seeing results. I highly recommend this

Michelle H

This serum works no doubt. But it hurts my eyes a little. Although it was nothing serious, but it limited my using it twice daily to only once. The discomfort subsided after a week or so. Overall, it’s a potent product for those who don’t have HIGHLY SENSITIVE SKIN!

Edith. F

It feels so much light that I wonder if I’m actually using the right quantity. I use it twice daily and it’s helping me thicken my lashes. Today makes the 12th day so I guess I’ll have to keep using this serum.

Julz X

This product really works! I’ve been applying it daily for almost 3 months and my eyelashes are looking thick and long. I used it twice daily (if that will help). I’m totally hooked with this product. No irritation or any other negative reaction.

Linda F

Being using this serum for 5 weeks and I think it is working. I apply it morning and night in the first week then reduce it to once daily after. Now I have long lashes sprouting from empty spots. I’m excited to see what this serum holds for me.

Doua V

When I started using NourishLash, I saw a little difference. I was almost giving up when I decided to read reviews where some people didn’t see results even after 3 months. Then I continued using it, this time I set my alarm for 9 PM and 7AM. After 3 months, my lashes started thickening and the length was visibly different from what they used to be. So if you’re not seeing results now, I suggest you keep using it. It will work for you, trust me.

Luna T

I have been using NourishLash for 5 weeks now and my eyelashes have grown thicker and a little longer. I like how my lashes are growing. I had used other brands in the past but none gave me the results I’m getting from NourishLash.

Yemi R

This product is amazing and fulfils its promises. It took about 8 weeks, which was longer than I planned for. My lashes were stubby, sparse due to lash extensions, so I needed a quick help with this product, but it didn’t help within a short period. But now, my lashes are looking healthy and beautiful like I always wanted them to be

Brenda C

This serum really works. My lashes have grown almost double of their initial length and the thickness is really encouraging. My problem is that I didn’t like the brush so I used my mascara applicator.

Brenda C

This serum really works. My lashes have grown almost double of their initial length and the thickness is really encouraging. My problem is that I didn’t like the brush so I used my mascara applicator.

Alicia L

My instructor recommended this serum to me when I was taking my piano lessons. I thank her every day for helping me see this “magic in a tube” bottle. My lashes are definitely fuller and longer after 2 months. I’ll continue to apply it on my lower lashes as they still need more improvements.


I started using Nourishlash after extensions destroyed my precious lashes. After 3 weeks, they started becoming fuller and thicker. After 2 and half months, this product is helping me grow longer lashes. I’m super excited. A little warning: you have to be patient with this product.

Laura K

This product works! I was skeptical about buying, but then I thought about the compliments and attention I would receive if it worked for me. I’m so happy I didn’t let my fear get the best out of me as this serum works incredibly. My lashes are looking beautiful and elegant. No complain so far.

Marti W

Nature was generous to have blessed me with longer lashes. But as I age, they got shorter and skimpier. They I tried this serum because it has some amazing reviews. I can’t praise this product enough because it made my lashes fuller and thicker like I used to have. I highly recommend it!

Laura H

My lashes improved after the third week of using this serum. This product is fantastic. It is cost effective when compared to brands like Latisse and it works so good. I highly recommend this product.

Katrina A

It’s been a month and there is no difference in my lashes. I got a better result with the castor oil I got from Jamaica. Despite using it every night for almost a month. I’ll keep using it and if it doesn’t work, I’ll dash it out.

Samantha N

After my chemo early this year, I lost my lovely lashes. I tried almost everything, but they didn’t improve my lash health. I’ve used extensions to cover up to important occasion, but I still need my lashes growing back. Then I ordered this product. One thing I noticed is that it doesn’t hurt my eyes. But then, I’ve not attained the lash length I saw in the adverts.

Carol L

I don’t know how this serum works but it does improve my lashes. I have been using this product for over 4 months and will never miss a day without using it. I started to see results in 1 month – my lashes started to grow thicker and curler. Eyelash curler is a thing of the past.

Sarah D

My lashes have been sparse and short for a long period of time now. I was using curler and mascara to make the little lashes visible. I started using NourishLash 4 weeks ago, applying it twice a day. I noticed some results. Now my eyelashes are looking fuller and longer. I highly recommend this product.

Ashley W

I love this lash serum. It has enhanced my natural lashes. I use it twice every day as directed by the manufacturer. My lashes have gained more thickness and are beautiful to watch. Make sure, however, that you close your eyes when applying this product.


I love this serum. I have used it for close to 6 months. It took almost 3 months to work but the result was evident. My lashes are thicker and longer than they used to be. I highly recommend this product!

Deana A

Amazing product! It transform my lashes within 6 weeks. I’m loving these new volume, thickness, and length. I don’t wear mascara anymore, and when I do, my lashes are almost touching my brows. Good product for the price. I have sensitive skin and it didn’t hurt me one bit. It is well worth the time and effort

Briana J

For the price, I wasn’t expecting any result from this serum. But I was wrong…it WORKED for ME. Within 9 weeks my lashes have grown longer and fuller. You have to be patience because it takes longer to work!

Kelly S

This product is the real deal. It takes some effort on your part though but at the end the result is longer, fuller lashes. This product has restored my confidence by giving me back all the lashes I lost to health issues.

Amanda M

NourishLash works great for me. I’ve used lash extensions for years, which resulted to shorter, thinner lashes. This product improved my lash condition within 2 months. I use it twice daily and it doesn’t irritate me.

Jane C

In just three weeks I noticed a slight improvement in my lash thickness and length. It is now under three months and my lashes have doubled in length. I’m still hoping for more curls and thickness.

Justina M

Thanks to this product, I get compliments every time on how beautiful my lashes are. It didn’t just happen overnight. I used this serum for almost 12 weeks, twice daily. After, I started using it once daily, then three times a week. You do have to continue using it to maintain your beautiful lashes. I’ve ordered for the second bottle. I recommend this product!

Sandra E

I grew tired of using expensive false lashes. Then I decided it was time to improve my natural lashes. I ordered for this product and using it for over one months I wasn’t disappointed. When I started, I could barely get my lashes into the curler. Now, they are longer and lusher. I still wish for thicker lashes. I believe with time I’ll get it.

Christine K

This product was recommended to me by my daughter, Ruth. I love this lash serum so much that I’ve told virtually all my friends about it. Before this, the previous serums I used gave minimal results and created a big hole in my pocket. I use it every night and my lashes are much better than they used to be.

Sandy S

My order took forever to arrive. When I eventually received it, it was broken and almost all the serum was gone. I messaged the CS via the online “contact us” page and they sent me another one plus a free brow serum (NourishBrow).

Comfort H

This product does what it promises. My lashes are thick and long now that I get asked almost every day if they were fake. It takes about a month or more of dedication. You have to use it twice daily and ensure you remove your makeup before using it. I’ve ordered for the second bottle.

Dorothy W

I love NourishLash! It has improved my lash condition immensely. My serum last a long time too even if you apply it twice daily. You need to exercise some patience as it take longer to work. I’m satisfied with this product!

Riana B

I so much love this product. I started using it on my lashes last October (that’s over 5 weeks). It took 3 weeks to see some improvements. O boy! It helped my lashes to grow longer and thicker. It does irritate my eyes some days but it disappears after some minutes. I highly recommend this product!

Dorcas A

I love this product so much. It gave me some results in about 3 weeks of applying it twice daily and after 2 months my eyelashes are thicker than ever. People ask me if I wear fake extensions because they are so full and long. Amazing product and I recommend it!

Sherry Z

This product is such a delight! My mum’s lashes were torn apart after her health issue. Then during Christmas when I paid her a visit, I couldn’t believe how incredible her lashes were! They were looking longer and darker – like false extensions. I asked her what the secret was and she told me NourishLash. Using this serum for 3 weeks, my lashes are looking fuller and my sparse lower lashes are growing new hair. This is a must-have for everyone.

Camay J

I am happy I took a gamble on this serum. I have used this serum for the past 8 weeks and people comment on my luscious, long lashes all the time. I’m so pleased with the company and the product as they took their to explain to me how best to use this product. I’m definitely ordering more.

Rose T

Amazing serum! My lashes are much longer after 2 months. However, I still want my lashes to be thicker and curlier. I’m still happy with the result so far and hope it gives me more positive result before the year ends.

Darlene P

I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now but no improvement in my lashes. Maybe it’s because I skipped some nights, but is still use it at least once a day. My hopes are so high for this product. I hope it doesn’t disappoint